Two Tano's?

  1. So I bought my first Tano bag and I love it!!!

    I have been watching eBay looking for more, but I am wondering if there are two Tano bag companies? The tag on the inside of my bag says "Tano Handbags" but some of the pics on eBay say "Tano New York"?

    Are they the same company with new / old labels?

  2. "Tano new york" and "tano of Madrid" labels can be found on older Tano bags. These labels were used when the company was still under direction of the previous owners.

    In 2004, Steven and Sebastian Giner took over Tano from their father and uncle. (Their grandfather started the business in the 1940's. He was an immigrant from Spain. So it is now a 3rd generation family business.)

    Since 2004, the labels say "tano handbags"
  3. Thank you Tano Expert!!!!!
  4. You're welcome. Which bag did you get?

    Feel free to email me any tano q's, everyone.
  5. I've been watching one Guerilla Tote and a Grommet Tote - they look really simmilar except the colors. I'm not sure if I want to buy one from eBay or get a purple new one this fall?????
  6. I would highly reccomend the guerilla, but not the grommet tote. It is indeed the guerilla bag, just made in a trial leather called "fresco " which was kind of stiff.

    Im still waiting for purple swatches for fall- i will post when i get them.