Two steps closer to homelessness......

  1. I have no self control and clearly, I have not yet looked into those knitting classes to keep me off this forum :nogood:, so.....Here are two more beauties to keep all of the others hiding under my bed company!!! My Like new 2005 Rouge Theatre City and my brand new and flawless 2007 LE Magenta City w/ RH - I'll be sure to leave them in my car when I stop at the soup kitchen for lunch!! :sweatdrop:


    Magenta LE Front.jpg Magenta LE back.jpg Rouge Theatre Front.jpg RT Back.jpg
  2. [​IMG]

  3. Fab bags! Congrats!
  4. :drool: You will be the most fab chick at the soup kitchen!:drool:
  5. Purse, I love your 05 RT City. Color & leather is just so perfect for a city! CONGRATULATIONS
  6. LOL the title of your thread is sooo funny! But on a more serious note, your new acquisitions are lovely!!! :heart: the magenta and congrats!
  7. :drool::drool: I am so jealous! Love them both specially the RT

  8. save me a place in line!! totally worth it for the bags tho, very nice - congrats!!
  9. I totalloy love those two City, especilly the 2005 Rouge Theatre. It is so GORGEOUS! Amazing color and leather!!! Congratulation!!!
  10. BTW, can you tell me where you will park your car at the soup kitchen?
  11. gorgeous new bags. congrats!
  12. Love the red one!!!
  13. HAHAHAHA!!!!! :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  14. Wow :drool:... who needs a home when your RT looks like that?!:heart::heart:
  15. Thanks Everyone!!! I was expecting the RT yesterday and in the 5 minutes that I ran around the corner, yep, sticker on my door!! Acckk!! Ruined my entire day!!! Today made up for it though!!!