two speedys

  1. Hi girls. this is my first post. I really need your help. Im thinking of buying an lv bag. The problem is that the only style I like is the speedy and I want both the mono and the damier. Do you think its ok if I buy one 25 and one 30? Hope you guys can help me.
  2. Welcome! I think many tPF'ers here have two or more Speedys so you'd be right at home! Sure, why not have a 25 and 30, one in mono and one Damier?
  3. definitely think it'd be okay!
  4. I was going through this same dilemma myself--I already had the mono 35 and wanted the damier 30. Well, I got the 2nd Speedy last night and am NOT regretting the choice!!

    I say go for it:smile:
  5. Ohhh, hell yess! put it mildly. I too love :drool: the Speedy style, I have the Speedy Mono 35 and the Damier Speedy 30 AND the Speedy Multicolore. I don't see anything wrong with having the SAME style in different colors and patterns.:yes: Welcome to the forum!
  6. That's perfectly normal! I myself want a speedy collection. I have a Cerises (cherry) speedy 25, and the next speedy on my list is the Damier. Other speedys on my wish list are the Damier Azur, Epi speedy, and the Multicolore speedy.
  7. sure you can, there's nothing wrong!!!
    welcome to the forum!:welcome:
  8. i agree. i have an epi speedy and i want a mono 35 and a damier azur and a multicolro ( its soo fun wanting stuff) teehee. but they are all different looking so it really doesnt matter
  9. Welcome! And, I echo everyone's sentiments - that two speedys are perfectly fine. If you navigate your way to the LV subforum and do a search, you'll see several members with more than one.
  10. Sure why not? Though they are similar in style, your patterns and size will be totally different. I say go for it!
  11. Why not? I have 2 monos, the 35 and 40 and they have different purposes!
  12. I don't see anything wrong with that! I myself own 3 speedies so far: damier 25, epi 25 in red and 30 in mandarin. I enjoy them so much and don't mind getting some more.:P
  13. :happydance: i have a 25 and considered getting a 30 to give me the option of carrying more stuff! go for it!
  14. I have a 25 monogram & 30 damier why not!...GET THEM =D
  15. i think that would be kewl as long as they are not the same pattern