Two Speedy 30s, NEED to pick one - canvas variation *pics*


Which one should I keep?

  1. Old Speedy

  2. New Speedy

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  1. Due to my obsessive nature, I ended up with 2 Mono Speedy 30s. I couldnt decide on one so I just kept both but now the time has come where I ABSOLUTELY must chose one. Please help! I can't decide!! :sweatdrop:

    I always thought the mono canvas was all the same. I was wrong. The variation is obvious in person. I hope it is still visible in the pics. Meet my two speedies:
    For the sake of simplicity, I'll call the Speedy with more patina the "Old" Speedy and the other the "New" Speedy. Now, I'm petite so I can barely pull of the 30 size, it actaully looks big on me. I don't know if you can tell in the pics but in person the "Old" speedy looks slightly smaller than the "new" one which is good thing for me because it looks more proportional to my size BUT the con of that is the reason it looks smaller is because the "old" one isn't sewn as well so the piping pulls the canvas into the bag thus making the bag appear smaller. See:


    If you look closely, you can see that the canvas on the "old" speedy does not stand out as much and the texture is bumpier than on the "new" one but it is also much shiner. The "new" one in contrast has a smoother duller canvas and the "LV" symbol stands out more; the texture also seems stiffer than the "old" one. The old one's texture is more soft and squishy so it does not stand as much as the new one:

    I'm relatively new to LV so I'm not sure which canvas looks more "authentic" though my aunt whos been into LV for decades tells me the "old" canvas looks more authentic. Feel free to let me know what you all think on that. More pics coming...
  2. hmmm, ermmm i would chose the 'new speedy' as the patina is not too bad yet..
  3. I'd go with the new will age from you wearing it.

    They are both authentic, don't worry about how it looks!
  4. will prefer the new speedy. But on the other hand, u can sell away ur new speedy at a better price then the old one. After selling, u can buy another new item too :p
  5. I personally love the look of your old speedy...gorgeous patina :drool:
    but yeah I also can see the piping concern that you're having
    so I'll vote for the new one
  6. A close up of the canvas:

    Comparison of the 2:



    View from the top (you can kind of see how the "new" one is more structured thus making it look a bit bigger):


    As you can see from all the pics I'm quite obsessive and indecisive as embarssing as that is. :shame: Another thing is that makes the decision hard is that the "old" bag is about $100 less than the "new" one, because of the lower price I don't really have to worry about it at all and can use it whenever (even to the beach) without worrying about dirtying it. However, the patina on that one is already quite dark and I'm afraid the "new" one seems to have more life in it in the sense that the patina is still quite light and the handles are no where near overdarkening where I hold it. Here's an example of what i mean by the "old" has more wear while the "new" one seems like it would last longer. Here are the pull tabs:


    I'm having a really hard time deciding because the old one looks better on me because its smaller and I dont have to worry about getting it dirty so I would probably be able to use it more and its cheaper but the tab kind of grosses me out a little tiny bit whereas I like the newer one's patina and its better made and has seeminly much more life in it but it looks big on me and is more expensive. As for the canvas *throws up arms* I jsut dont know which ones better or which one looks more "authentic" ANY help/advice input would be helpful and appreciated. And yes, I'm completely obsessed. =P
  7. Whoops heres newer tab:
  8. I'd keep the new one! I know what you mean about the canvas being difft. On my mono bags there is variation between their canvases. I say keep the newer one and just use it w/out worry, mono speedies look great broken in and have fun breaking in the newer one. If you push out the piping every so often on the old one it might 'fix' itself. The size diff. between the old one that is sucked in on the sides compared to the newer one is so slight. You'd be surprised what an old speedy can fetch too on eBay. Push the piping out and stuff it well and you'll do well on that auction, easily 400.
  9. i like the new one better.
  10. My votes for the new one, the seaming would bug me personally. The new one you can break in :p
  11. The older one looks better. The newer one looks different to me, I can't explain. Good luck with your choice.
  12. I would keep the "new" one. It has a cleaner look.
  13. new one so you can break into it yourself.
  14. New one:yes:
  15. sorry to ask, but is the "old" speedy authentic? From the side, it looks really badly made...