Two-sided classic in black lambskin

  1. I have a black quilted classic (about 7" x 10"), that is two-sided (i.e. flaps on the back and front). Is anyone else familiar with this style? I purchased the bag on e-bay about three years ago, but have never seen the the style around.
  2. photos por favor:yes:
  3. After checking out the amazing Chanel reference library, I went back to check out the bag. The hologram is fine. BTW, the hologram is on the lower right side, not the left, if that matters.
  4. ?

    I didn't see a comment/question regarding the hologram on this bag{?}
  5. Sorry--I just included the info about the hologram with respect to my description of the bag. I was just curious if others have the same bag. I am just getting the hang of the website and the proper etiquette. Thanks for the clarification.
  6. i'm a bit confused by this thread.... what bag are we talking about?
  7. I have NO idea! LOL
    This thread doesn't make any sense to me{?}
  8. Sorry about the post. I am really new to TPF and am trying to follow the guidelines, but I guess I messed up. I need to get a camera to download pix and hopefully, my other posts will make more sense.