Two shades of grey, bingeing but not purging!

  1. While in the death grips of my on-going possession by the Balenciaga demon, I managed to buy not one, but two new grey Cities. That's right. :wtf: I first bought an 06 grey City for a very nice price. Before it arrived I learned (on this wretched and evil forum that in equal measures contributes to my delinquincy and ecstacy) that 05 greys were a little darker and the 05 leather generally better. Lo and behold, an unused 05 grey City emerged on ebay. Snapped up that sucker too, thinking I'll just sell the 06.

    Hmmmm. Now both have arrived, as has my dilemma. The 05 is definitely darker, which I prefer. But the 06 leather is softer and smooshier. The 05 leather is actually the stiffest of all the Bbags I've amassed in short order. And when I look at the two colors side by side, they look quite different, with different tones and subtleties. The 05 grey is a cold grey with some bluish notes, whereas the 06 grey is a warm grey with beige notes. me likely both!

    So I'm thinking of keeping both. Someone, please scold me! :lecture: Or perform an exorcism or something. :noggin: It'll be good for me!
    CIMG0388.JPG CIMG0389.JPG CIMG0390.JPG
  2. Step away from the bags..! True, each bag is very different, but the colors are a little to close to keep both. I prefer the 05 grey because it has more depth. But the decision is ultimately yours. You can return one bag and get another color. Good luck, it's a touch choice!
  3. decophile, your new collection is INSANE! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Go for the one with more character.
  5. Wow! They are both beautiful! Personally I like the bluish one better.
    Oh? and thanks for making me feel soooo much better and and much less crazy about keeping both my grenat and marron twiggys:roflmfao:
  6. You raise a good point.
    I 100% prefer the 05 color and 100% prefer the 06 leather. Hence the dilemma. But you're right that they're too close to keep both, given that they're both Cities. :s
  7. Don't make a hasty decision I would keep both at least for a little while and then decide which one has to go. But that's just mho
  8. Deco, I'm going through the same thing... I'm seriously thinking about buying the exact same bag I already have! Same color and same yr! :Push: :blush: See I just acquired one of my dream bags. NOW there is another one for sale that is even nicer and very uniquely different and I :heart: it even more. I want it! It's crazy...

    But for you, I recommend keeping the '05 grey city since that one's not readily available anymore. Then buy an '06 grey in another style with the same leather as your '06. That way you have two very different bags but you can still have the features you like in each grey. ;)
  9. i did the same thing with bordeaux, except i had these were two bags of the same color from the same season. still when you put them next to each other, you could tell the difference. i ended up selling one and keeping the other bc i couldn't justify having both.
    i personally like the grey bag on the top of your first picture (looks like it has AR tags attached?)
  10. I love gray! Congratulations on them both and good luck with your decision, it'll be tough I'm sure, they're both beautiful!
  11. hehehehehe, i've got 2 turq 05 firsts hehehehehe, :lol: thank goodness - a few of use are in the same boat...

    Decophile - dont forget if you choose to keep the 05 one - it will become smoohsy etc... over time BUT then again you could always just keep them both... hehehe!!! SERIOUSLY, I would go for the 05 one!

    GOOD LUCK on what you decide! :flowers: ***hugs***
  12. I love both shades of grey! I been waiting a grey one for some time now :drool: Probably going to wait for the 07 greys to come out to get my first b-bag! :smile:
  13. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: Decophile, Sunspark that's so insane... and so funny...
    I understand you so much, but I can't stop laughing!

    I would step away from the two beauties for a while and then keep the one I feel more like wearing the first time I look at them again!
  14. I like them both and would probly KEEP both so I am pretty much NO help!

    BUT... if I HAD to pick just ONE I would keep the lighter one:drool:
  15. welp, i like the lighter '06 grey better & since it's softer, i'd keep that :love: