Two Rights and a Wrong

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  1. This is a game that I play with my friends at my art class, you say two things that are true and one thing that isn't. Then everyone else guesses which is false. Its fun! :yes:

    I'll start.

    1. My dad's birthday is September 11th.

    2. My middle name is Lucia.

    3. I have two brothers.
  2. I think that your middle name is NOT Lucia!!!

    1. I met my DH on Bourbon Street
    2. I am originally from South Africa
    3. I own over 100 handbags
  3. Over 100 handbags, you wish!!

    1. I'm younger than my husband

    2. I live by the beach

    2. My dog is a golden retriever
  4. Right :biggrin:

    Embarrasing as it is, I put two wrongs :Push::shame: I should have said, 'I have two brothers.' So I edited it and fixed it.

    I'm going to guess....that you don't own over 100 handbags :biggrin:
  5. I think your dog is not a golden retriever :biggrin:
  6. elli, I messed this up, was going to say my husband is younger than me (which he's not), so as it stands they're all right ( what a clown, I'm going now..)
  7. lol I made a mistake too :shame:
  8. 1. I am older than my DH
    2. I have no children
    3. My last LV purchase was a Bosphore PM
  9. false..your last purchase was parioli ?? no??

    1. I do colon cleansing every year by fasting for 5 days
    2. My twin sister is in overseas
    3. I ate a plate with full sample of crocodile meat, snake,wichite (white) grub,emu and Kangaroo meat
  10. By eating all that rubbish, you certainly would have needed cleansing, bags, but I don't think you did!

    1. My daughter is a teenager next year

    2. I have a black car

    3. My last splurge was from Gucci
  11. LOL.. I don't have twin sister..I wished!
  12. don't have a black car? :biggrin:

    1. I want seventeen things for Christmas.

    2. I already have a Christmas tree up.

    3. On Christmas Eve, I go to a party at my cousin's house.
  13. You're right, it's white (poetry..):smile: Don't think you have your Christmas tree up yet, elli :s

    1. My mother is coming to Australia for Christmas

    2. I have a Noe Epi leather on my wish list

    3. My son just past his driving test
  14. My son just past his driving test?

    1. I've been with my bf for over 5 years

    2. I've broken my pinky finger once

    3. I can play the violin
  15. He did past his driving test!, but my mother's not flying anymore, terrified of terrorists...:rolleyes: