Two Reveals for the Price of One!

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  1. I made a trip to the outlet last week Friday to get a few things before they sold out over the weekend. Great things come in small packages/bags!

  2. And since you all know that I am not one to prolong the pain, I introduce to you my resort pieces!

  3. A family picture with the resort wrap I purchased on PCE:

  4. Nice, I've been lusting after that cosmetic case but it's not really practical for me. Great finds!
  5. And since I DID promise a two-fer... I also made a purchase at Marshall's. No fancy wrappings from there!


    The side:

    And the other side with the name of the glasses.

    I really do NOT need a new pair of sunnies, as I adore my Rock & Republic pair, but the colors on these seemed to go great with the neutral/khaki theme of summer I tend to go for. Plus, they are comfortable on. And it never hurts to have a spare pair of sunnies, right? Just in case a wave knocks them off your face?
  6. That was a quick reveal! Love all your resort print accessories. Very nice! :yes:
  7. Nice sunnies, do we get a modeling pic too?
  8. So pretty!!!
  9. Love your scarves. The colours are so pretty!!
  10. Love the resort stuff! Congrats!
  11. more resort stuff!!!! congrats! love everything!
  12. it all!
  13. Congrats!

    Love it!!
  14. You can never have too many pairs of sunnies! Loves it all... Congrats!
  15. OMG I love your resort stuff! I just won the ponytail scarf, skinny and wristlet on ebay. Im sure I paid more than you did, but since my outlet doesnt have any of these pieces, I had no choice cause I REALLY wanted them! I think they will work with so many bags and really add a great accent punch! Congrats on the sunglasses too - very pretty!