Two reds and two blacks.. please help trim my collection!

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  1. Hi ladies!

    Since my double jumbo reveal a couple weeks ago.. I've added another flap to my collection. :P Goodness, Chanel has drawn me back in a big way. It's gotten to the point where I cringe guiltily whenever I see my bank account, so I'd dearly loe some advice for what bags I should return/sell. Currently my collection consists of:

    Black caviar double flap jumbo
    11P red caviar double flap jumbo
    Black caviar small flap
    11P red caviar medium
    H So Kelly 22 cm raisin togo

    Some bags have more sentimental value for me than others, so I'd be more unwilling to let go of them. However, I won't give out specifics because I'd love to hear everyone's opinion. Ideally I'd like to let go of two to make a total of three bags (four's an unlucky number in Chinese.. :P). I wear mostly white/grey/black/dark denim (it's my accessories that pop). I tend to streamline my bags (I'm a bit of a minimalist), but I love the extra space in my So Kelly/jumbo *just in case* I need it. I *have* wondered if the jumbo looks too big on me (I think it does, from the side. Or perhaps I just need to get used to the bigger size).

    So please help me, which two should I return/sell?
  2. I would let go 11p red medium and black small flap.
  3. Me 2!
  4. Ack! That would leave me with no small bags though! I'm 5'4 and 140 lbs, so carrying a jumbo to say.. a date night or a wedding would seem pretty silly, no?
  5. + 1 for 11P med & black small. A jumbo for date night is fine but the small flap for a wedding is not. Maybe get the timeless clutch instead?
  6. Let go of the two jumbos.
  7. I think you should get rid of the red jumbo and the small black flap. It leaves you with the medium as your small bag, while still keeping some color in your accessories - the black jumbo may be more versatile than the red if you've already got the medium.
  8. Black caviar double flap jumbo - very versatile
    11P red caviar double flap jumbo - could go b/c you have the red medium
    Black caviar small flap - i would keep it just b/c it's small and you might need to use it someday
    11P red caviar medium - i always like chanel red...esp in m/l or small
    H So Kelly 22 cm raisin togo - i googled it and don't like looks like a bucket
  9. Hahahaha juneping, thank you for your honest opinion. I happen to dearly love the So Kelly -- but it's definitely a bag that had to grow on me. I first bought it because I love the color raisin and the Kelly clasp, but then yes, thought it looked shapeless and was slightly horror struck for a couple weeks. But now I'm in love with its streamlined shape, and the fact that it looks small against my body but can seriously haul half my kitchen sink in it. I found your reaction very familiar and hilarious :smile: To be honest your breakdown is exactly how I'm leaning -- I'd have the small flap for formal, dressy occasions. Red medium for the spring/summer (I have a dark red trench coat for fall, and bright red wool coat for winter), and Chanel makes *such* an unsurpassed gorgeous red. And the So Kelly for situations in which I need a.. "bucket". Haha.

    queenofchic -- Thank you for your response! I'm a bit confused though, a small black flap is *not* appropriate for a wedding?

    mrspotatohead -- I take it you're a fan of smaller bags?

    veritae -- Do you think the black jumbo would be redundant since my So Kelly is an equally versatile color and a very similar size?
  10. I would keep 1,2,3.
  11. I agree

  12. I'd say let go the 11P red medium and the black jumbo. or let go red jumbo and black small. personally, i have the black small and the red jumbo.
  13. I would probably let go of the Red Jumbo since you already have the black jumbo and red m/l. I think red is prettier in the m/l size anyway. 2nd would maybe be the small black flap.
    Really, I think I'd only get rid of the red jumbo out of these 5 bags. You might need need the small black flap. Maybe after you sell the red jumbo, buy a more reasonably priced bag to return your collection to 5 so that's it's not your unlucky 4. Either way, selling any of them would make you feel less guilty.
  14. Let go of 11P Red Jumbo & Black caviar small flap........
  15. Oh dear, seems like poor So Kelly isn't getting much love. Is it because I've posted in a Chanel forum? :biggrin:

    I think it's equally tied between letting go of the red jumbo and medium, and most people seem to put up the small black flap as the second one.

    luvchnl -- why do you think red is pretty in m/l? Is it too much of a statement piece/pops just too much in a jumbo? The black jumbo does seem to be slightly better look wise.. ie it doesn't look as huge on me.

    Thank you all for your responses! I really do appreciate them!