TWO Red Hamiltons??

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  1. If I already have a 2012 Bordeaux Hamilton...

    Is it silly to think of getting a 2013 Rouge Hamilton??

    Do you ladies think they're just too similar?

    I am also eyeing a 2008 Ruby - argh, decisions, decisions!!
  2. Not at all! The bordeaux and rouge are quite different reds.
  3. Yup, two very different reds :yes:
  4. They are different. And Ruby is stunning!
  5. This is fabulous news but also terrifying for my wallet! ��

    Is the 2013 Rouge orangey at all? Or is it a true red with blue undertones?

    And yes - I do love the look of Ruby in almost all the pictures I've seen! Never had the pleasure of seeing it in real life
  6. Here are some pics of my 2012 Holiday Hamilton (Rouge) .. and then my Bordeaux Hamilton (no longer have) ..


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  7. Thank you CeeJay! It helps a lot to see the pics side by side. Hmm Bordeaux looks so deep and rich, while Rouge appears really orangey by comparison - almost like Vermilion. Is that accurate? Yet I read another PFer's post describing her Rouge as looking like oxblood in certain lights.

    May I ask why u decided to let your Bordeaux go?
  8. Since you already have a Hamilton, I would suggest 08 ruby. The 08 leather are superb!
  9. No, the Rouge is not 'orangey' at all .. it's a pretty clean Red. The Bordeaux was very pretty, but I got it in the Velo style which I really didn't like, hence the reason why I later sold it.
  10. Thanks everyone for your views!! I think I know what my decision will be now 😅
  11. I have a red bag - Oh actually two :biggrin: and three bordeaux bags.. For me they are all very different :lol:
    Hope you will be happy with you decision ;)
  12. Haha thank u Gringach. U are so sweet! 🤗

  13. Omg how cute is that keychain!