TWO (Red and Black) Infinite Convertible Dresses for $16 shipped!

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  1. great find!!!

    I wonder if a small will fit someone who is usually xs...
  2. omg i've never heard of graveyard mall, and now i'm up at midnight in the middle of the workweek poring over the chandeliers for $19.99 ....... what have you done to me!!

    have you tried the infinite dress? i've heard of it but it sounds like it would be really easy to make....... i'm tempted to buy
  3. I googled infinite dress. Apparently the dress comes in all black, all red OR a red black combo. I'm guessing that this sale is for the red black combo. Might be a little scary looks wise.
  4. Aw, no shipping to Canada... maybe this will set a fire under my tush to get sewing since I bought fabric to try and recreate it.
  5. does anybody know anything about this site??
  6. Nope, the site says it is for TWO dresses, a red and a black one. No scary combos. :smile:
  7. so you're getting BOTH a red and a black for that price?
  8. I read it as 2 of the red&black combo dresses. Like they are trying to clear out the two-tone dresses. On the infinite dress website, under the pull down menu for color, one of the selections is "Two-Tone (Black & Red)".
  9. the modeling pics at the site is for the black dress and 1 pic inset for a red one. if you scroll down it says:

    Home > DAILY DEAL > Two Infinite Dresses - Black & Red
    Hundreds of styles.....One Dress! (Well....two really since we'll be sending both the black and red dress to you.)

  10. I wonder how these dresses are, but I don't want to waste my money if it's not going to be a good buy...
  11. The price on here is for 2 its $199X2 = $398. Think thats how they come up with the retail price.
  12. i have one of these dresses and it is great. not sure about the quality of these but i am still in for 2!
  13. Is it fun and easy to wear? Do you find it as versatile as advertised?

  14. wow, great deal