Two Rebecca Minkoff MA minis, two shades or blue, two different linings...!?!?!?!?!

  1. So I bought two Rebecca Minkoff MA minis in the royal blue/brown basketweave. One is for myself and one is for a very good friend who I know will love this bag.

    The first one is from Luna Boston. It has a flatter, more matte blue that is slightly lighter than the other bag.

    Its lining is super cute with a fleur de lis black and white pattern.

    My feelings are that Im not loving the exterior coloring for Luna B's minkoff but I loveeeee the interior.

    The second bag is from shopemilygrace. The exterior of the bag is a deep, rich, royal blue that is vibrant. I love the coloring of this bag.

    However, when I opened the bag up, I saw there was a multi-colored finely pinstriped lining. Im not too crazy about this bags lining.

    So my predicament is this: I am keeping one for myself and wanted to ask you gals which one you think is better and why, and which one you would give to your friend and why.

    rm1.JPG rm3.jpg rm2.jpg rm4.jpg
  2. I suggest you keep the one with the exterior you like better. A cute interior is nice but once you put stuff in the bag, you won't see much of the interior anyway.
  3. I think the lining on the second is adorable and usually I'm not into the pinstripe thing either. The multicolor makes it fun! Otherwise, the two bags look the same to me which I blame on the difficulty of photographing deep colors like these...

    Congratulations, BTW, gorgeous bag!:tup:
  4. DO you guys like this bag? Im not sure about the basket weave thing...and would like some input about whether or not you love it, hate it, or just like it.
  5. I actually like it. I ordered the regular MA in green, but I love the royal blue color (not available now). For me, I'd have to see the weave IRL, to know how I feel. I tend to be REALLY picky about weaves because my favorite designer is Bottega Veneta, and they are King when it comes to intrecciato weave. I do like the color contrast, I think it adds interest to the bag.
  6. I also like the basket weave, but I would go with the bag that has your favorite lining...but I keep my bag open most of the time (sitting at my desk or in the car) so pretty linings make me happy every time I look over :smile:
  7. I've been wondering the EXACT same question! I have the blue/brown basketweave MA mini which has the blue silk w/ white design lining (your left photo). But then I go looking on eBay and notice RM bags with striped linings- one even had really *horrid* looking white linen lining. It would be really helpful to know if the bags really do have different patterned linings. Or have fakers picked up on the MA bag? (boo)

    Anyway, I agree with the other posters here that you should keep the bag with the lining you prefer. If you're not happy with it, you will probably grow sick of seeing it every time you open your bag.
  8. i think the bag is really cute and i like the basketweave...IMO, pick the bag with the color you like best. i think the lining is cute on both, but the pinstripe looks like it'll be sturdier.
  9. extremely old thread but this is making somewhat crave for a royal blue w/ brown just looks really unique and funky (in a good way)
  10. Take a peek @ the royal blue basketweave SO thread in the Shopping subforum. We've been debating over the different RBBW bags and have identified 3 different shades of royal blue leather (probably w/different linings)
  11. ^yea i actually stopped by after i saw this thread
    it looks like u ladies are having trouble deciding which royal blue leather to use huh? :p