two questions ??

  1. helloo every1

    is it too late to buy a downtown bag ? :supacool: for some one whos going to be carrying it every day until next summer?

    does any one have both sizes the large one and the other?:yes:
    whats the size difference between them ?:confused1:
    is it also on the handle ?:push:

    thanks :tup:
  2. Hi Sarah,
    There are still plenty of downtowns out there! You can definitely still get one. IMO, they are both pretty big bags and hold a lot of stuff. I think the handle drops are also the same (if not, they are close). My suggestion would be to go try the sizes on and see what one is best for you! Good luck!
  3. I agree with Alice about going somewhere to try these on. The large downtown was too big for me and I am very happy with my Vichy medium. It's perfect.

    Why would it be too late? YSL is coming out with beautiful colors, so try them on and pick a color you like. ;)
  4. Definitely not too late,and this is certainly a bag you could wear every day :smile:. I'm loving mine!!
    I am 5'2 and I have the medium. It's a gorgeous shape and it's huge. I use it as a nappy and work bag,and it manages to be delieciously slouchy yet keep its shape at the same time.

    Highly recommended!
  5. wait, that's more than two questions, lol

    The Downtown is my first YSL bag. I love it.

    I'm 5'4" and got the medium. I know they once carried small Downtowns (Demi Moore is seen carrying several in the celebrity thread), but I've only seen mediums and larges in the stores. I think I saw a small on Bluefly recently.

    11"W (around 19" at its widest) X 13 1/2"H X 9 1/2"D, 7" handle drop

    11 1/2"W (18" at its widest) X 16"H X 7 1/2"D, I think a 6" handle drop
  6. the downtown will continue for plenty of seasons to come. we have an on order for a grey embosed leather.. not to mention an exotic! croc skin. a mere $20k! what!!
  7. russo...would you happen to have pics of the grey embossed Downtown? Is it patent?

  8. lol
    more like five questions :p
    anyway thanks everyone for the helpfull info :biggrin: