Two questions that are probably answered a lot..

  1. I'm the type of girl that carries her world with her. I currently carry a Vera Bradley Betsy (14 1/2" x 9 1/2" x 4 1/4"), and all of my stuff just barely fits in there.

    I was wondering if you fine people could tell me how much the City bag holds? With pictures, if possible (I can get a better feel for how much it holds with visuals).

    Also, I was wondering where you get your B-bags, and how much they cost?

    I'm sorry for the somewhat stupid questions. I'm not really knowledgable as far as B-bags go, but I love them and want one so badly..

    Thanks a lot! :smile:
  2. ^^You may want a work/office bag instead.
  3. Welcome!! :welcome:

    I am addicted to cities :heart: , and find that it can hold quite a lot. Here's a sample pic of what I usually carry. I left out a few things as well - my phone, a little coin purse, and a couple of other small items...Today, I threw in a cardigan and everything still fit. Granted, it was filled to the brim and looked like it was about to explode, but I was able to zip it up without any problems. As far as prices, here's a sample of what Bal NY charges (note this was as of a few weeks ago, and prices were raised on some styles):

    Motorcycle Handbag (Dimensions in L"x W"xH") and Prices:
    First (13x2x6) $995
    City (15x3.5x10) $1195
    Twiggy (14x6.5x7) $1055
    Day (16x5x14) $995
    Messenger (16x5x13) $1040 (same shape as the Day bag but with a long
    adjustable shoulder strap)
    Work (18x5x13) $1385
    Weekender (21x9x15) $1385??
    Men's Weekender (21x9x15) (longer handles to fit over shoulder)
    Box (11x5.5x7) $985, handles and shoulder strap
    Shopping (15.5 x 6.5 x 12) $1175, open tote, longer shoulder straps- can
    fit over shoulder
    Purse (17x1x11) $1095, shoulder straps fit over shoulder, flat with a
    zipper and a slightly wider base
    Shrug (13x6x14) $995, hobo, flap and magnetic closure
    La Pouchette (11x7) $695
    Wallet (8.5x4.5) $525
    Mini Wallet (5.5x4.5) $495
    Clutch (8x5.5) $495
    Coin Purse (6x4.5) $285

    Personally, I have bought all my bags from the NY store, but plenty of other PF'ers get theirs from Aloha Rag, or department stores such as Neiman Marcus, Barney's, and Saks. All should charge the same prices (with the exception of the work style it seems - AR is still charging the old price of $1275).

    You can also refer to this very useful site that we all go to for all types of information on Bbags. :smile:

    Good luck on your first purchase and l'll look forward to your pics of your new bag!!!
  4. welcome to the B-Bag world!!! i reckon, cate22... you've done a great job in supplying info!!! good on ya girl!!!!

    hmmm, xcrowx22 i reckon you should probably go for a CITY or a WORK... these both bags hold alot!!! maybe not the entire world - but enough! i hope this forum helps u find your dream!
  5. day bag holds a lot too. I think more then my city. There was a thread somewhere way back that was where everyone posted pics of what is in their bags.
  6. Wow Cate! What a splendid job and so thorough!

    Crow, welcome! I think if your current bag just holds your stuff or barely.. then maybe consider a Work size.
  7. yeah, I would suggest the work, day or possibly the new part-time if you like to have your bag on your shoulder!

    cate- great breakdown! I've copied that into my bbag info kit! ;)
  8. if your current stuff just basically fits in the bag you mentioned, i'd definitely go for a balenciaga WORK! i don't have one so i can't post pictures though. i mostly have twiggys which wouldn't hold what you want.
  9. Cate, thank you so much for all the info! That was incredibly helpful, and I appreciate it. :smile:

    Mocean, where can I see pictures of the new Part-Time bag you mentioned? I'm intrigued. Do you know how much it'll go for?

    Thanks, everyone, for the warm welcome. You all seem so nice and helpful. :smile:
  10. The city holds ALOT. I used it on vacation - this is what I carried everyday, and I had room for more:


    -makeup bag
    -camera and case
    -cell phone
    -ipod in case
    -sephora brush compact
    -another compact

    I got my bbag at Barneys and it cost $1195.00 plus tax.
  11. ^^Ooo, I love that thread - I need to add to it later!
  12. Thanks so much for the links!

    Livin, all I can say is..WOW. I can't believe it holds so much. Seeing that picture makes me want one even more.
  13. Oh it holds ALOT more. As I said, I used it on vacation - so I just stuffed all sorts of crap in there on top of the picture I posted. Sometimes I even kept a paperback in there! It's a great size.