Two questions, one about hardware and another about the new scarfprint

  1. First off, I am loving the February Valentine's color scarfprint pouch. What happened to the one with the blue colors?? I can't seem to find it or maybe they haven't they not released it yet.

    Second, I do love some of the brass hardware on the bags but I am a sucker for the silver/nickel hardware on Coach bags. Does it seem to go in phases depending on the fashion season or the weather season? I wish they had more silver hardware, I love it so!!!:heart:
  2. I don't think the blue optic is coming out yet, my SA said it would be out soon though!!!! He said he's going to buy one of the bags too lol.

    As for the nickel hardware, nowadays you mostly see it at the outlet, although I bought a chelsea turnlock wristlet a few months ago and that has nickel hardware when everything else was brass. So I'm not sure they rhyme or reason, I think they do go through phases as now EVERYTHING seems to be with brass hardware even if it would look better with nickel.

    How is your hubby doing btw??? :love: