TWO QUESTIONS. kind of long!

  1. #1: this was previously posted in the Chanel forum. . .

    hey everyone. this is my first thread. i was pretty scared to post this, but i really needed help and didn't know where to post this question exactly, so here goes!

    i just got my first pair of chanel earrings. i won them on eBay and just got them in the mail. :yahoo: they're beautiful and, thank goodness, authentic!

    problem is, when i put them on and go to take them off, it's extremely hard to pull the earring-back off the cc piece. i feel like each time i take them off, the earrings bend because i have to use a lot of force to get the backs off. i read on other threads that i'll have to take them off each time i take a shower, swim, or something of that sort since it's costume jewelry. i'm afraid they might break soon!!

    i know it should be normal that the earring be held together tight, but is there an easier, less excrutiating way to pull them off? like twisting the backs off or something? i just pull the backs to take the earring off, but i'm scared that if i keep doing that they'll break. :sad:

    any answers to my dilemma?


    i've been wearing my T&CO lock necklace day in and day out since i got it for Christmas.. even in the shower and to sleep, everywhere! i thought it wouldn't be a problem since it's genuine jewelry, but lately i've noticed it turning a yellow-ish color. is there any way i can fix that? do you advise to take it off before showering, sleeping, etc?

    would take a picture of the necklace, but it's so late and getting up isn't really a desirable option right now.. haha.

    THANKS a bunch! :heart:
  2. Congrats on your fab pieces! I'm afraid I don't know too much about earrings but, as they are authentic, might you bring them TO Chanel and ask them about it? Just a thought!

    As for the silver, I wear my stuff ALL the time as well but, I take it off for showers. Also, if you wear lotion, soap, or may react (sic) to the silver and tarnish it. The good news is that it SHOULD come off with a silver (jewelry) cleaner. If you have a Tiffany's near you, you can take it in to them for this cleaning (to get it back to normal). You may have to pay for that cleaning (but, get their silver's very good), but you'll find it easier to maintain at home...once it's back to normal.

    ALL silver will tarnish, it's a fact of life. Wearing it often helps keep it clean BUT lotions and fragrances can cause discoloration. TAKE YOUR JEWELRY OFF before applying such items. It should help!

    Good luck!
  3. thanks, A-T-G! -=)
  4. Have you thought of changing the backs? They sell those backs with the plastic disc that helps center and hold a post earring that is heavy. I was told if the hole is too tight you can stick a pin in it to gently make it bigger.
  5. thanks. i'm going to try that. big help :yes:
  6. My little trick for cleaning silver that is a little tarnished is to use regular toothpaste colgate or whatever that contains baking soda, as long as it's not the gel kind. Put a pea size amount of it on a napkin and use it to scrub the tarnished parts of silver. Just wash away the toothpaste. It's convenient and easy.
  7. where do you get the chanel earrings? And around how much do they cost.....i really want a pair but i know we dont have any in the city i live in.
  8. joolluver, i'm going to try that as soon as i finish browsing tpf for the day. thanks for the the advice!

    lauren, my boyfriend purchased them on eBay during the valentines seasons. i think they have a lot for sale. just be careful of differentiating the fakes between the authentic!

  9. Thank you, thats what im afraid of.....i dont really know what to look for as far as a authenticity. Ill check it out though =)
  10. I agree with getting different style backings for your earrings. I don't really like those kind with the big circles, however they are necessary for heavy earrings. You should be able to find some for just a few dollars that don't have that disc.

    Another thing to do for silver is to store it in a zip lock bag or tarnish resistant style jewelry box when not being worn. Almost all the jewelry I sell comes automatically with tarnish resistant cotton filled boxes and they really help lot. I don't wear any of my jewelry in the shower...not a single item. And I always take everything off when applying lotion or perfume.

    Welcome to the forum!
  11. thanks, castocreations! =)
  12. Do you find that you can wear your Chanel earrings on a daily basis or do you feel that they are too flashy?
  13. I bought my earrings from a Chanel boutique and am finding the same difficulty taking them off-I dont wear them too often though so I dont worry about it too much. I am just super careful with them.

    I try and store my Tiffanys jewelry in the pouches they came in when I am not wearing them and try to avoid getting lotion and perfume on them.
  14. i would try chaning the backs of the earrings.

    as for the necklace, dont wear it ALL the time, the water in the shower has minerals and other stuff that may lead to its discoloration. see if cleaning it with silver polish helps.