Two Questions (if you don't mind)

  1. Hi Girls... okay 1. Does anyone know what or if a store might still have a Cognac Day left over from this spring? 2. Has anyone heard any more about the new color coming out later in August called the Olive Brown? I think maybe someone saw a swatch of it, and I did check Ateliernaff, but it does not really show up on my computer screen. It just looks kind of black, or maybe this is the color?
    In advance I thank you all for giving me your time and advice. You all are awesome and I can't live a day (pardon the pun..) without checking in on ya'll!:flowers:
  2. YES! Saks Fifth Avenue had Day in a caramelly brown, (I did not look at the tag inside to see what season, but it's just too unlikely that it's an 05, and the 06 is not released yet), but there was a light brownish Day on Thursday. Saks Fifth Avenue in Boca Raton FL, 561 620 1355, I have always dealt with Debbie, she is the greatest!

    It was a very pretty bag.
    I wish you well,

  3. yeppers, i know that "Barney's" in nyc has s/s '06 cognac b-bags left (not sure if they've got the day/hobo though) should give them a call today & ask for lilly (212-833-2032) ;)
  4. I was told the olive brown was a true brown with green undertones.
  5. Thanks girls!