TWO Questions: City and First

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  1. 1. CITY

    I have the "Rouille City" already and its a really great color since it pops out when worn with dark clothes or pale colored clothes.
    I really want the "Rouge VIF city" I saw but am very hesitant to buy....since it has effects similar to Rouille- both colors brightens up any outfit.

    Is it advisable to buy Rogue VIF despite having rouile City already? I don't wanna waste money, you see.

    2. FIRST

    What color is the best for First? Something versatile.

    Thanks so much in advance
  2. How about you get a rouge vif first?
  3. If you want something in a first that would go with everything I would say an ink or black first.
  4. I have a Rouge Vif First and a Rouille First and to my mind they are too similar and so I decided to sell my Rouge Vif.

    For your first First (!) I would suggest a neutral colour like truffle or Black so it will take you day through evening and be very neutral :yes:
  5. i agree about the similarity between rouge vuf and rouille...
    as for first, go for neutal color like camel or black..
  6. Black or white First would be very versatile! :yes:
  7. I have a Greige First that is great for day or evening IMO

    I would not buy Rouille AND Rouge Vif MYSELF, but that is just me:P
  8. Greige First! I also have a Marron First, but I'd say the Greige is more versatile.
  9. i would say a dark blue for first, maybe a 05 teal or blue india...but that's just me and i wear a lot of jeans.
  10. Get a black First or a rouge vif First. Rouge vif City will be too smiliar to your rouille.
  11. thankds a lot for your inpiuts!:flowers:
  12. i like the first best in white!! and if u aske me i wouldn't buy two reds :smile:

  13. I did it the other way round I had a RV city and a rouille city so I decided to sell the rouille. A first in camel, trufflle or café would be nice a nd versatile!:yes:
  14. I am not a fan of the First style for every day use. However, I now have a Blue India first that I specifically use for going out at night. Since I mainly wear black shirt, jeans, BI goes very nicely. If you have not considered the color yet, check it out. It suprisingly goes with much more than I thought it would.