two questions!!! chanel is dying?

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  1. okay i have a chanel purse that is a couple years old. i still have the authentic card and the serial number is in there. i dont have my reciept or anything though. problem is that the leater in some places looks like its peeling off? has anyone experienced this??

    and does anyone know the name of this bag

    and what it is called/how much?
  2. The lady braid tote, my fav! :love: Sorry to hear about your Chanel peeling, you should bring in to boutique to have them look at it.
  3. oh AND at neimans today i saw a gorgeous chanel bag. it was black leather with two plain black handles. it said CHANEL in silver lettering towards the top. the SA just said it was called the EASTWEST bag but i cant find pics of it anywehre
  4. ^Those *i think* are the LAX bags...
  5. ah thanks! you're so helpful! i appreciate it!!
    do u know if theres anywhere on this site i can find a pic of it? i tried and theres nothing
  6. [​IMG]
    This one? (pic thanks to Tsnaine)