Two questions about upcoming bags/accessories

  1. Hello, all!

    Question 1: what COLOR is the mini-lin??? On Elux it says it is 'ebene' but in pics on TPF it looks chocolate brown.

    Question 2: are they coming out with a leapord scarf that matches the bags like the Stephen and the Polly?

  2. 1) ebene means ebony which is basically dark or chocolate brown.

    2) the matching Leopard scarves are already available here in Australia. refer to the LV website for photos ;)

    HTH :smile:
  3. You Australians!!! I am so jealous:smile:

    Thanks for the info...I am so bummed that it is not the "ebony" black:sad:

    Oh well...still gorgeous!!
  4. we actually get the newest items LAST!
  5. What?! Is the leopard scarf available in the US?!?! I just looked at it on and it is TDF!!!!!!!!!!!!!