two questions about bbags (vert d'eau and jaune)

  1. I read on atelier.naff that jaune is being released in limited styles for f/w 07 - does anyone know which specific styles it will be?

    and the vert d'eau - is that available in the hobo and the first? does anyone have any pics?

  2. I'm not sure if the styles for juane have been released yet:confused1: I could def. be wrong though.

    ETA: fiatflux just posted this in a thread. She said people on are a waitlist for the following:
    Jaune Twiggy RH
    Jaune First RH
    Jaune City RH
    Jaune Day RH
    Jaune Day GH
    ... so maybe that means that's what BalNY will be ordering??

    I have the Vert D'eau in the First style :yes: Do you mean the hobo w/giant/gold hardware?

    Here's my Vert D'eau first. I use her alot.. she goes with alot more than I expected:
  3. this may be a silly question, but what does "RH" mean? regular hardware?

    do they only make the hobo w/ giant hardware? i don't really like that look and was hoping to avoid it.

    should i put myself on a waitlist for the yellow? is it going to sell out super-quickly?

  4. There have been alot of people that have been waitting years for another yellow to come around... so I definately wouldn't dawdle on it! :p
  5. Yes, RH = regular hardware and GH = giant (gold) hardware :yes:

    I believe the hobo only comes with Giant hardware :s Does the "Day" bag interest you at all? It's sort of "hobo-ish" looking.

    I do believe yellow will sell out quickly :yes: Esp. since it's not meant to come out for a few months now & people are already going crazy for it! LOL However, you could always put your name down for it & once you see it you could always change your mind. I'm sure that's no problem.
  6. While we're on the topic of availability...are there any Aquamarine Days? Are they all sold out - if there ever were any? Anyone have one? I'd love to see a picture, don't think I have seen one.
  7. thanks! i think i'm going to buy a vert d'eau if i get at least one A on my finals (not super likely :s), and I'll put my name down for a jaune first ASAP.
  8. They were available way back when (i.e. February) but they sold out fairly quickly (at BalNY, at least)
  9. Hey, I just wanted to say that my list posted above is not all inclusive by any means ... those were just the ones I found when I did a search for "waitlist" and looked at some recent posts. I wish we could get a list of all the waitlists at Balny..that would be interesting.
  10. ^sorry fiat.... yeah, it'd be nice to have a list. I guess BalNY will just say "sorry, we're not getting that style in" when people start calling wondering when their juane will be in... seems like a shame since some people will prob. miss out on the color for that reason.

    Aww, good luck!! A Vert D'eau would be such a lovely gift. The picture doesn't do it justice, it's really much more beautiful in person:wlae:
  11. i actually just called BalNY to put myself on the waitlist for a jaune first and they said they were getting all the styles in jaune.
  12. ^^Really? Wow...I wonder if they LITERALLY mean everything ... like all the styles in RH and GH, plus all the accessories, etc. !?!?