Two problems-Ebay/ paypal and postal service. Expert advice needed!

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  1. To you experienced sellers:

    I bought a bag through eBay, but the seller could not issue an invoice to me and asked me to pay her directly through Paypal. I did this at once, and the bag got shipped at once-so far so good. Too late I realised after reading this forum no feedback can be given useing this way of payment, but I'll manage!

    But, when I recieved the bag day before yesterday ( we had Easter, so for five days no post) , I noticed three marks on the back of the bag, which were not described in the description of the bag on eBay. They looked like the bag had been near some heat-source of some kind-please see attached pictures-they are the "dotted" marks.

    Well, I contacted the seller at once by e-mail , and she wrote back, that these marks were not there when she had shipped the bag, but the customs must have made them, while taking the bag out of the dust bag for inspection. But the packet had no indication of a custom inspection, if it had been opened ,a red tape would have been re-closing the packet.
    I know a person working at an office dealing with import, so yesterday I contacted her at once. She asked me to come, and I met with a custom official. He inspected the box, and told me, that it was an intact box. The flaps had not been opened at all. No way this box could have been opened unseen in any case, due to strict custom procedures in my country ( Denmark)-cameras set up etc. So if I got correct info from the seller , the packet must have been opened in US by USPS and replaced by a new postal-packet.
    The bag must have been taken out of a plastic bag, then out of the dust bag, then got these marks-only to be put back into a new Priority Mail box-odd?? or ?

    Have any of you experienced this? And have you seen similar marks on a bag?

    The seller seems very friendly and will give me a full refund for the bag-at first without any shipping refunds, but after telling her that I was going to post here she will give me $25 in return. She is a member of this forum , so I can't imagine any reason for her not telling the truth, but these marks do seem odd? (I am a first-timer with buying bags from eBay)
    I paid about $240 -(shipping included )for this bag-and a similar bag from HH, but new with shipping included was $300, so it is not worth the reshipping at all!

    Though the seller states:
    "I sent you a perfectly lovely, like-new Hayden Harnett bag that was grossly underpriced and someone along the way has altered its appearance"-

    Well, I read on this board the seller paid $299 for her bag 10 mths ago-so I guess it was not that underpriced.

    But if I do re-ship the bag to her, what is the "normal" procedure from a purchase directly from Paypal???
    And is it possible to complain over the postal handling through Paypal??-the seller bought shipping through them.

    She does write today, she could perhaps help me with these marks, but just re-shipping the bag without any security is not an option I care for too much, even if this seller seems to be nice and helpful.
    Not to mention I paid about $130 in addition for customs and fees!

    She is very upset about this, blamed the customs several times, will not ship abroad ever, but I have recieved a lot of ( other) goods from abroad, never seen anything like this happen to any of my goods!
    She is also not too happy about me posting here, but if she's truthful, why not? I am new here, but understand that this is also a forum giving good advice and support for both "old" posters as well as newcomers. And if others have had bad experience with the postal service, I find this the correct place to vent concerns in order to help eachother.

    Regarding the marks: Is there anything I can do with them? What are they??

    Any help will be much appreciated.Thanks.:yes:

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  2. Hi there, sorry you are having a bad time.
    I cant comment on the marks as I am not familiar with this bag.
    The first thing that struck me when I read your story was that you did not pay through an ebay invoice. This is not a good practice and reduces your level of buyer protection.
    Did your customs officials give you written confirmation that the box was not handled? Quite honestly I would not blame them for any damage anyway. It is not their business to damage items, just to inspect.
    It seems that this seller is willing to refund so that seems the most sensible route to take.
    I am confused as you say the bag was not inspected by customs but you did pay charges. If you mark as a return the seller may not have to pay again on her end.
    In future when you buy on ebay the seller should send you an ebay generated invoice to pay. I dont know why she didnt in this instance but you may wish to report the matter to ebay.
    Hope this helps...please wait for further opinion.
  3. I'm the seller here and I feel like I have to defend my position.

    I had this bag listed on ebay, I do not sell internationally normally, and I have my listings set up in that manner. I have a good reputation on ebay and have worked very hard to keep it that way.

    The bag I listed on ebay was in perfect condition, I had purchased it new, used it once or twice, then stored it in my bag cabinet until I decided to sell it. I took it out and inspected it completely before listing it. And yes, I paid $299 for it and listed it at $199, a pretty good deal, I thought, and obviously I wasn't doing the sale for profit!

    The buyer in this case asked me about shipping internationally, I told her I did not do this and thanked her for her interest. She continued to mail me and finally I said ok. I am not that experienced a seller in the matters of changing settings on my listings and while I tried to do so, I couldn't make it work. I also didn't want to incur additional expense by ending the listing and starting a new one for her. So I offered to send her a request for money via Paypal to cover the cost of the bag and the additional shipping expense. I did so and told her I would end the listing when she paid. She did and I ended the listing, packed up the bag after yet another inspection, as I normally do, and sent it via USPS.

    So she emails me and tells me the bag is in horrid condition, with photos. I know full well I didn't send the bag that way! I immediately offered her some suggestions and offered to return her money, even though the bag did NOT leave me in this condition! I didn't want to pay for additional shipping which isn't my responsibility.

    So she threatens me with coming here and asking for help. Help for what? I already offered her a full refund!? Guilt didn't make me offer to pay for return shipping, I did it because I'm a decent person and try to make things right if I can, not because I'm scared and certainly not because I sent a bag out in less than stellar condition.

    I've never had issues with USPS prior to this, in fact I sent a lovely TPFer a Chloe to the UK during the same time I sent this bag to the OP. No issues, the bag arrived in a timely fashion and in the same condition and state of packing in which I originally mailed it.

    I get the feeling here that the buyer is trying to extort more money from me, perhaps to pay her customs fees. I draw the line there. As I recall, I marked the bag as a 'gift' for her as well, simply as a courtsey. I will not pay customs fees, nor am I responsible for them. I have offered a full refund, including the cost of international shipping and I'm not sure what more I'm supposed to do?

    YES I admit that I screwed up when I invoiced her off ebay. YES, I screwed up by marking a bag to a stranger as a 'gift.' I am really sorry about that and believe me, I have learned a hard lesson from all this.

    Again, if you, OP, wish to receive a refund, I will issue a full refund, as well as international shipping, immediately upon return of the bag.
  4. Excuse me???
    Listen, the bag was NOT in the described condition! So why so defensive?? If this was not your fault, than whose fault was it?? This way you now react does paints another picture of you than from your e-mails.
    Thankfully I have read some advice given here, so I have kept your photos. I looked over the pictures you had put on e Bay, there were lots of them, so I after reading on this board to make sure to see the pics carefully, thought the bag ok. BUT oddly enough, of the right side of the bag, where the marks were on-NO pictures are posted!!
    I just checked.

    I had given you the benefit of doubt-and wished to take this matter to USPS.
    And yes, taxes ARE paid always, and they fix the fee according to the value written on the invoice.You can write "gift" a 1000 times, and it won't do any difference at all. Where did you ever come up with such an idea?? And I have not once mentioned custom fees in e-mails to you, so don't you even try to turn the focus towards this at all. I'm used to paying fees, customs and taxes, since I buy books from all over the world-all the time. I don't like to, but this is the way here, and I accept it. I merely stated that taxes also were paid to ensure readers that I knew about these, and still bought the bag AND if I should make a return ALL my fees and taxes are promptly paid back! So NO seller will ever encounter a problem with this upon returns. And should a packet be damaged-it has happened twice-the insurance pays all expenses without any questions.

    Full refund or not is not the issue-I just wanted to learn if this could happen with your postal service or not. Not once have I asked you for any money of any kind- "partial refund" or "full refund"-never once!

    "The buyer in this case asked me about shipping internationally, I told her I did not do this and thanked her for her interest. She continued to mail me and finally I said ok"

    "AHEM"-Please show me these mails-I will be very interested in reading them too. I have actually kept them. What I tried to was to ask for shipping fees and to PAY you-NOT once did you write you don't ship out of US to me-it was only about shipping rates, and you continuosly wrote, you had changed the invoice for me to pay ,for finally asking me to pay OUT of eBay, which I did without knowing about the loss of rights! I have only bought perfume on eBay before , because I feared a situation like this to pop up. I only trusted you because you wrote you were a member of this forum.

    Now if it was the case that the bag was damaged on it's journey, why on earth should you offer my some refund?
    "I have offered a full refund, including the cost of international shipping and I'm not sure what more I'm supposed to do?" No, you have not-you have offered $25 totally-and ONLY after I wrote that I could ask tPF about this and if anybody had encountered such a problem before. Then you changed your attitude and suddenly wanted to give me $25 for a return and that I should not post here. Well, this mail also made me suspect foul play.

    Why shouldn't the insurance pay this? No, the packet was intact! No tampering, so it had either to have been taken out and replaced with a new box or damaged when put in. I still have the box, and it is easy to see the condition.
    I now know the bag was damaged when put in-only by your reaction. Shame on you for not describing the bag properly and not posting pictures of this!! And double shame on you for trying to change the focus from the damaged bag accusing me for trying to get a few dollars out of this!

    I will keep this bag as a reminder NEVER to buy out of eBAY and allways beware of sellers trying to avoid their responsability by describing their goods truthfully.

    I still think tPF can give good advice on bags, I have learned a lot here, but as an advertisement for making buyers trust them-it is of no value.

    Thank you.
  5. I have all the mails and photos as well. I also have no real assurance that the bag you show in the photos is actually the bag I sent you. I see from your other posts that you have bought several items from overseas and are complaining about the high costs of customs. So naturally my first thought is that you are trying to recoup and off-set those losses at my expense.

    As for the 'gift', I have successfully sent many packages overseas as gifts and the receivers have been able to offset some of the fees.

    I have made you the offer of a full refund, plus shipping. I honestly have no clue as to what you want anymore! I emailed you last night that I would speak to my Postmaster today, yet you didn't wait for a response, you came here to try and turn yet another good Seller into a villian.

    You have decided to make this into an issue here on this forum where it does not belong and the very fact that you felt the need to post here, after I have offered more than you deserve, shows me you are not the person I had hoped I was dealing with. If you have further commentary about settling this, then you have my email.

    Other than that, I am finished with this thread and your insinuations of 'foul play.'
  6. Yikes! You guys need to take this to PM. Good luck to you both. :smile:

  7. I agree. :yes:
  8. Good luck to you both! From my personal experience, Grace123 is a wonderful, ethical seller. I'm sure if she said the bag was damaged in-transit that it really was. Even though it doesn't sound like this was her fault, I'm sure things will be resolved between you soon.
  9. OP...Im kinda confused as to why you posted this publicly if you and the seller were already in contact. You even stated yourself that she had offered a refund.

    You ask 'what are the marks and is there anything you can do about them'? Well I doubt that anyone will really know the answer to that for sure.
    When you ask what can you do about them..? Does that mean after all this that you want to keep the bag?

    The seller has given you the choice of a refund, which you yourself stated, so again I dont really understand the point of the post, other than to 'name and shame'??
  10. I agree guys - I don't know why the OP has brought this onto TPF to have an argument in the open. These things should be taken up in private.
    I hate to say it, but this is one the SOLE reasons I refuse to ship overseas. I love you guys over in the UK and Australia and whatnot, but it really is a giant chance sending it overseas. Once 'over the pond' it's risky going....:sad:
    Honestly, with all that's going on in the world today, I have no doubt that customs could have opened the box, and repackaged it. That bag looks like it had been run over by a tire! And I happen to know that this seller from eBay is completely on the up and up. There's no way that she would have dishonestly sent you such a damaged bag....:confused1: I just am sorry to see this incident, rather than being handled in a decent way, has become a forum for the OP to say she's a dishonest seller when in fact I know that she's not.
  11. I'm also confused. As a seller myself, as much as I could do in this situation is offer a refund and you return the bag. I would not offer to pay shipping fees back to you as I didn't get any money for shipping, but the USPS did.

    I have also had many problems trying to re-issue a new invoice without success. I have no idea why that option is not available to us as we many times need to apply a discount or regulate shipping. So I understand why she just asked you to pay through paypal.

    I have bought from this seller twice. She is quite reputable and would never try to hide flaws in a bag. And I'll admit, they are pretty noticable flaws. So why didn't you simply accept the refund? Why keep a bag to remind you?
    You posting the situation here makes little sense as we don't know how the flaws got there, what they are, and you were provided the same courtesy any ebay buyer should have as a full refund. I am not sure what the problem is. The seller has completed her obligation to you in offering you a refund.
  12. Hello there- Am a little late on this one so sorry if you've already resolved this- but i see that there is communication between you and the seller, so that can only be good.
    Here we go.
    I'm a ebay (former) powerseller, silver status so I've seen a few things that may be able to shine a little light.
    First of all, and by now you've learnt the hard way, you shouldn't have bought 'off' ebay as, quite simply, you've lost you right to leave feedback. That in itself can sometimes be the best tool to resolve disputes.
    However, all is not lost.
    You can contact paypal directly and raise a dispute with them. If they decide in your favour, they can only refund payments TO YOUR account, FROM THE SELLERS account if the seller has an 'active' account or sufficient 'surplus' funds.
    I have had a few experiences when, as a buyer, I have received a 'portion' of the amount I paid as the seller didnt have the full funds or an active credit card.
    As far as customs are concerned, BY LAW, they MUST MARK THE PACKAGE as being opened. This is ALWAYS done by the application of a standard, adhesive label, signed and dated, stating that the item was opened for inspection purposes, by the import authorities. The package will be logged by them as being inspected, so if you still have the packaging and any references you can contact them and pursue the damage compensation claim that way- if they damaged the item.
    PRE owned items are exempt from tax and duty as long as they are more than 2years old- so in the case of mint condition items, this can be very tricky to prove and sadly- duty must be paid- or they simply won't let you have your gorgeous purchases!
    It is possible for you to be charged tax and duty WITHOUT the package being opened if the seller listed on their customs label the items value and description. Tax is based on the items value and duty is applied specifically to the item-usually an additional 6% for purses. The shipping company will notify you that you need to pay duty BEFORE you receive your buys.

    I hope this helps- if at all- but I'm sure you can resolve things between you.
    Sorry if my response is a little out of sync! I tired to be as concise as poss!
    Please feel free to ask anything else.
    Kind regards, Katie
  13. I have personally done business with this Ebay seller and found the transaction professional and seamless.

    She offered you a refund to remedy the situation, that is all anyone can expect.

    Personally as an Ebay seller, I find shipping overseas to be a peril. Have you ever seen the old Samonite suitcase TV commercial whereby they show what happens to your luggage after it leaves your possession? The Apes take over, beat the bags on the concrete and have a heyday. Who knows what happened in route.

    I suggest take the refund and go on with life. There are bigger fish to fry.
  14. What was your point, OP? What expert advice did you need? You've got a seller willing to refund. Your post sounds negative and ugly. I think you doth protest too much.
  15. Maybe the OP came here for some support? I've never bought from the seller and I don't really think that matters. I think her main mistake was posting it here. Even though she may not be happy about the condition of the bag(would you be if you'd paid your money?) it was best addressed between them. Attacking buyer or seller is unneccessary.
    I hope you both find a pleasant and agreeable end to this transaction :smile:
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