Two-Pocket Downtowns

  1. Does anyone know why some downtowns have two pockets (front and back) and some have one??? I'm just wondering if anyone knows?? The first time I saw one I thought it was a defect - personally I think the two pocket ones look a little weird!!!

    Also, did downtowns ever have suede or leather linings instead of the satin?

    I'm new to YSL (and to this forum) and just bought my first YSL bags this fall (all 4 of them - I know, it's crazy), so if anyone knows some of the history of the downtown - please share!!!!
  2. I thought only the ostrich had two pockets, though I could be wrong...
    the first season, the cruise of 07? were deerskin and were fully lined in suede. By spring/summer of 07? they were buffalo with an outside pocket and only lined on the top couple of inches with suede, the lower part being lined in dark material.
  3. the patent bags have 2 pockets
    the top 3" or so of mine (calf, one pocket) is lined in suede, it's really nice that way
    I think that the bag would be way too heavy if it were fully lined in suede
  4. Thanks for the info - I am always amazed at how much everyone knows!!! Does the satin wear out over time - do I need to be very careful what I put in the bags?
  5. the orginal deerskin downtown that does not have pockets is fully lined in suede
  6. My Vichy Downtown is also fully lined in suede (no outer pockets on that one). I agree with others that I've only seen the patent and ostrich with two outer pockets.