Two pink reveals!!!

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  1. There is a certain bag that I have had my eye on since I first saw it and I always thought it was too impractical for me.
    Having seen some lovely modelling photos recently, I changed my mind and felt I needed to track one down.....and I finally did! :yahoo:

    Here's my new baby, cerise Daria satchel. :love:
    I just love the versatility of this bag and the colour, the leather...beautiful!
    Modelling pics will follow later when dh gets home.

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  2. That is so gorgeous - I really like that the Daria Satchel best in that colour - what a lucky find.

    What is the other pink item??????
  3. I love the Daria satchel in that colour - would be very tempted myself if I managed to track one down.
    What else did you get?
  4. The next pink item is something that I picked up the other day and I love, love, love!!!
    Great colour and I think you all know how I love my leopard prints.

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  5. I am no good at these taster reveals, so I wont even try...

    The pouch is gorgeous and a great size, I can even use it as a clutch.

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  6. Purse or pouch?
  7. Ah, crossed posts!

    Fabulous bags Lady C!! Love the Daria satchels!! And pink leopard is TDF!
  8. The cerise Daria satchel is lovely,enjoy.
  9. And the two together to show the size and colour comparison.

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  10. Love your 2 pinks - brilliant selection. Looking forward to seeing the modelling pics too.
  11. ladycornflake: Did you find your bag at a Mulberry Outlet? Congrats!
    She is a lovely bag! Wear her in good health!
  12. :woohoo: Lady CF, we are bag twins, it's a fab colour, style, etc isn't it?
    Nice little pouch too, congrats!
  13. two beautiful pinks!! The satchel is really great, and looks sooo lovely in this colour! And the pouch is just so cute! Love them both :love:

    Meant to say congrats too!
  14. Thanks everyone!

    I have seriously been lusting after the peony leopard Alexa, but cannot quite stretch this month. The pouch will satisfy my lust.
  15. i love that cerise daria. That will bright up your day :biggrin: congrats