Two PINK Goodies for me!

  1. I have been a little down in the dumps the past few days and I thought something Pink might lift my spirits! I found TWO pink goodies and I am now all smiles.

    :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    After seeing pics of Liz's bag I couldn't resist (she has such good taste!).
    I hadn't planned on the little change purse though. I think its so adorable!
  2. the change purse completes the look

    ive never seen it before and i love it !!!

  3. cute!
  4. Love it! Congrats!
  5. That bag is really cute!! I love it!
  6. so cute, i especially love the change purse on it!
  7. I found the change purse at the Coach Store at Caesars in Las Vegas!
  8. wow , I love it !!
  9. They're so beautiful.. I love Coach Pink color!!! ;)
  10. *sigh* You know how jealous I am, right? Thanks all I have to say....look at my siggie....:upsidedown:
  11. And btw...that trim looks even better irl than on the website:love:
  12. i love the change purse, it is such a cute extra! I love the combo of signature and pink!
  13. Adorable! I'm glad the bag was able to lift your spirits! Enjoy it.
  14. Love, love, love your PINK goodies. I didn't manage to get the Peony tote, maybe I can get this to match my Peony wallet!!!! Thanks for giving me this good idea!
  15. how adorable! i love pink too!