Two pet dogs Murdered

  1. I just saw the most horrifying story on the news. A man heard his dogs screaming in his own back yard. He ran out and found that someone had HUNG them -- execution style -- on his fence. He ran inside to get something to cut them down and when he got back, they had died.

    He loved them and was devastated. Can you even imagine if someone came into your yard and brutally murdered your pet????

    I'll post more if I find it on the internet. But the sad thing is the lunatic who did this, even if caught, may not get a just sentence (like his weiner cut off and his fingernails pulled out) b/c of poor animal protection laws:crybaby:
  2. That is the saddest story I have ever heard. How can someone be so cruel to animals, especially somebody's pets. I can't imagine what the man is going through.
  3. That's really sad, but why the hell didn't the man find some way to prop them up so that they weren't hanging and THEN go back and get something? I guess he was in panic... Sad story.
  4. People like that scare me. If they're doing that to animals, how long before they move on to people? Those poor doggies.
  5. I am speechless.
  6. OMG. That poor man. And those poor animals. That's horrible.
  7. OMG that's so awful... way to get me all depressed to start off my day! :amuse: I will never understand anyone who can do something like that to someone/something that can't defend itself.
  8. I am going to cry now :crybaby: i hope they catch that :censor: and :censor: :censor: :censor: !!!!!
  9. They've already moved on to people - there is little value for life (animal or human) in today's world. Too many sick people walking around, and too many others who just don't care. But I digress, anyway, karma will give the murderer what he deserves, what comes around goes around.
  10. Let me say and tell you that I am saying this in all honesty.

    If I hear this and walk out my door. First and foremost I am getting those dogs down if I have to chew through the rope/chain/wire myself. I am NOT leaving them to go grab something. Second I am going to end up in jail because that monster will be on the ground bleeding. I promise that he will not survive. You attack my family you attack me. ESPECIALLY in MY backyard.

    BTW: what breed were they? and any motive?
  11. I am speechless...:crybaby:

  12. You and me, both. :rant:
  13. OMG how horrible.
  14. One of the two serial killers on the loose here in Phoenix started out by shooting dogs and horses. This person has shot 35 people. I think any person who kills pet animals should be locked up because more often than not they progress to killing people.
  15. Sorry to bring everyone down, but I was just so outraged.

    The dogs were actually mixed lab and pitbulls. They showed pics and they were blond and very happy looking. The owner suspects that someone killed them b/c of prejudice against the pitbull breed.

    How sad that we even have bigotry and prejudice against our DOGS now, as if there wasn't enough of that among human beings.