Two- Parter

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  1. I am getting a Chanel bag for Christmas! First one, so excited!

    Anyways, I remember seeing this one bag about 5 years ago at a theme park. It was black with a cut out of a flower that was white. When she turned the purse around, it had an embossed logo. It was the Camellia if I remember and was kind of like a silhouette/negative cutout of one. I really want to find this bag!

    Also, is it possible to look at past lines somewhere besides eBay?

    Thanks, I am new but already love this place so much.
  2. Sorry can't help, but good luck wwith your search!
  3. Thanks!:heart:
  4. The one that comes to mind is a suede chanel that has like a cutout line design of the camelia in a contrasting color, i.e., black with white, brown with came in different sizes and designs, i don't remember the logo....:heart:H
  5. Do you remember the year or name?