Two paddys at NR Seattle $599

  1. Was looking for paddys and calling around, and found two, Unfortunately, not my colors.... One black, not sure if it is the tote or not. Sounds like regular from SA's description. One forest green, much smaller, with shoulder strap. Both at $599. Call NR at Seattle, 206-448-8522.
  2. I got the black paddy! :yahoo:Thank you sooooo much!
  3. lucky you...,is it the medium paddy?
  4. I called and they said they have the small green paddy...and I prefer the medium....
  5. Yes it's the medium
  6. Congrats....what a great deaL!
  7. Wow, all these great deals floating around!!!! Congrats chinky.....
  8. Congrats! Post pics when you get it. Meanwhile, still hunting down my paddy. Update, went to the consignment store again, the prices for the paddys went down to $850... One grey, one burgundy, one black. I want one with lighter waiting....:shrugs:
  9. Thanks I will definitely post pics. Thanks again acshih. What color paddy are you looking for exactly?
  10. congrats chinky....what a great find!
  11. Lighter color, for summer. I already have a lot of bags in white, black and brown. Something creamy.
  12. congrats chinky! what a great deal, be sure to post pics when she arrives!

    acshih which grey color did you see? noir or mousse?
  13. I checked the color swatches on the ref. thread. Am fairly certain it is the mousse. It is kinda of putty greyish color with silver lock.
  14. ahh i've been searching for a mousse! do you know if the store will let me buy it over the phone? if you could pm me the details that'd me great! thanks :heart:
  15. ^NR does charge sends. Good luck!