Two Oval Clutches: Greige and Truffle -- not sure I like either

  1. So after seeing all the awesome oval clutchs I *had* to have one.

    Since I already have a white work I passed on the white oval and had NM send me the greige and truffle.

    I'm just not sure I love either color :shrugs:

    Help? Thoughts?


  2. i like the greige:smile:
  3. that's the best truffle i've seen, but not really crazy about either, sorry. i do love the style though - doesn't BalNY have an oval in lilac still? i thought the Saks or NM had an ink, the New Orleans store...
  4. I know :sad:

    My SA at Saks Orleans said she didn't have one and my SA at NM said there were no more in all of NMs :crybaby:

    BalNY said they didn't have any ovals either.

    Were they released in all the 06 colors?? Or just some?

  5. If you are not happy with them I would return them. I like the greige though.
  6. I like the Greige color, but the Truffle leather looks so soft and smooth! If you don't love them, I'd return them until you find one you absolutely love!
  7. I love the size and the style BIG TIME!!

    next to my Rouille city:

  8. BTW: the truffle is silky soft for sure!!
  9. Used as a clutch, I think the Truffle becomes a bit blah. It is supposed to toss up an outfit and I can't see how it would do that. The Greige is much prettier and would pop more against an evening wardrobe palette!
  10. Agree with stylefly: the truffle is a little blah in such a small bag. It would be best in a pale color or a bright one! Return the truffle, keep the greige, model it in front of a mirror with a few outfits, and if you still have second thoughts return it!
  11. sigh, I prolly should have just gotten the white and lived with two white bags.
  12. I'm not a fan of either color. I love the style and the truffle does look super soft. If you don't really love them, return them. It would look amazing in INK. Good luck.
  13. The greige is really cute.
  14. I like both, though I prefer the greige. I do have to say that is probably the best looking truffle anything i have seen! I do think if you aren't in love with them, you should return them and get something you will love!!
  15. I think the Greige is better for the clutch style.