Two out of four-- What would you do?


Which TWO should I get?

  1. Small Black Hamptons Weekend Tote

  2. Regular (bigger) Black Hamptons Weekend Tote

  3. Watercolor Tote

  4. Blue Hamptons Weekend Tote

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Tired of these threads yet? Okay, so I have the option of getting TWO of the following four bags (deletes). I can't afford all four. Help me decide! Because I like them all equally.

    Hamptons Weekend Tote in Blue-- this is SUCH a gorgeous color and so standout! However, it's a summer bag.

    Hamptons Weekend Tote in Black (Large or small?)-- I just bought a black bag but I could carry this one more than the blue Hamptons Weekend tote. I prefer the large because it sits on my shoulder but the small one in hand might be cute, and it's a bit cheaper on delete. It'll also stay clean easily. But again I just bought a black bag. What do you guys think?

    Hamptons Watercolor Tote-- I love the watercolor! But I'll probably only get a couple more months use out of it-- that, and I'm sure it gets dirty easily and once it's dirty you're pretty much done with it.

    Help me decide, ladies! Pick the TWO of the four you like best in the poll... You rock! :nuts:
    10067_SVMC_t.jpg 10663_SVBK-1_d2.jpg 10663_SVBL_t.jpg
  2. I voted for the small black hamptons and the blue hamptons totes. I think that the small black tote would work as a casual bag during the day and evening and then the blue is so pretty. I actually think that the blue works year round, because it is always nice to see a bright color when it is gloomy outside.
  3. What purposes do you have in mind for these? Honestly, I'd just get the blue Hampton's or the watercolor and wait for something else.
  4. I voted for the blue hampton's and the small black one but like graberg said, if you really don't need 2 then just get one of the bigger ones. I like the blue best personally!
  5. I voted for the watercolor because it is so cute and summery. then next would be the large black hamptons because it would be great for summer travel and roadtrips!
  6. I think the blue is BEAUTIFUL!! I think you could take it into fall and late winter/early spring just fine. It's super cute and like someone else said: it will brighten up a gloomy day!! Plus, you just got a black purse. Although...the Hamptons serves a totally different purpose - it's more fun, casual. COULD get the black. I like the blue accents on it!!
    I would NOT get the's cute, but would be way too easy to get dirty!! Coach discounting the Delete bags or is it just for employees???
  7. I voted blue and bigger black. It's nice to have different sizes for different things. You can never go wrong with black and the blue would go with more than the watercolor.
  8. not to be bad here, but do you need two of them? I just dont want you to buy them just for the sake of buying them bc they're cheap.

    I would get the reg black tote because its so versatile and that's it
  9. Court, Graberg, TL, y'all are right; I'm pretty much buying two just because I can afford two and because they're cheap and I've loved the styles since I saw them (and all my Coach bags are signature so I figured it's time to broaden my horizons). :shame: :blush: You think I should just pick one?
  10. I would just pick one
    and honestly, if you don't need it, I wouldn't get any
  11. Depends...if you were buying them without the discount which one would you get?
    If you get TWO, get the Blue one and the larger black one. If you get one...that's tough - get the Blue because it is DIFFERENT and PRETTY!! That's what I am trying to go for in MY Collection: DIFFERENT, COLORFUL, but CLASSY and FUN!:tup:
  12. ditto all this

    except I would vote Coach comes out with a Black Hamptons tote EVERY year it seems...the blue might be hard to find in the future.
  13. Honestly? Throw the black out of the mix. COMPLETELY.

    I feel that the Hamptons Weekend line is STRICTLY spring/summer... so go for a fun color!!! :yes:

    I have the green and adore it.

    I would say Blue or Watercolor...
  14. I love the Blue! For some reason I don't care for the Watercolor. I really don't have a reason why I just don't. The blue though is gorgeous!!!!

    Honestly though I think I might have to save my money and wait on the new floor set to come in!
  15. If you really love the style then you should get two because with delete, they are crazy cheap.

    I'd definitely get the larger black Hamptons because i think you'll get a lot of use out of it.

    I think for the second bag, the blue would be the best choice. The watercolour one is really cute but i agree that it would get dirty too easily. The blue is a very striking colour too, and i think you'll be able to wear it more than just in summer. It would look cute with jeans and a bright coloured sweater.