Two of the SAME style?

  1. Ok girls....I have a dilemma.

    I purchased the small Bolt bag last year which I love, love and love some more. It's boxy shape and beautiful deerskin leather is to die for in my opinion and it doesn't scream CHANEL in any real big way which I like. And it's in chocolate brown that tends to go with my casual lifestyle more than, say, the grey re-issue that I have (and love as well....ok so I love ALL my Chanel bags). Anyway, here's the situation.

    Most of my bags (except for the Cerf tote) are on the smaller size which is ok but I need one that's big and roomy and casual at the same time. So, this WONDERFUL SA at Neiman's in Palo Alto said she could get one of the two remaining Bolt bags in Chocolate in the larger size if I wanted it. Have it transferred to the store and I could come look at it.

    THis bag has a slightly different shape than mine (more long than square), is made of the same leather and bigger all the way around. Same color as the one I have. I'm torn between having two of the same style in the same color with the only difference being size and the larger being a slightly different shape and waiting for the trunk show in July to see what's coming in the future...

    Help....what would you do?

    (I don't have a pic of the bigger Bolt bag to post...wish I could find one.)
  2. Here's a pic of the Bolt bag I already have....
  3. I think since you already have the style, I would wait for the trunkshow. I am sure there will be a bigger bag that you may even like better. :idea:
  4. OK. I'll wait. It makes total sense....I think I got carried away looking at some of the gals postings of their handbag collections and seeing a lot of women with so many of the same bag but in different colors or fabrics. Sometimes when I shop and I find something that fits me perfectly I'll buy it in duplicates....but usually it's not such a big ticket item!:smile:
  5. Unless you are planning on selling the smaller size after getting the larger bolt bag, I would wait for the trunk show as well. I'm sure you'll find a bag you'll love.
  6. just wait.. there is always a new bag coming that you will fall in love with :smile:
  7. I would wait till the Trunk show. You never know, there could be something there that you will love. Also, like Savannah said, another option is to sell the smaller size and get the larger one.
  8. Thanks, all - I'll wait for the trunk show!