Two of the H Saddle leathers Natural Barenia & Vache Natural compared Pros VS Cons

  1. do both barenia and vache naturel have distinct smells?
  2. Love your description of your Kelly and how she accompanies you every day, thank you.
  3. Beautiful bags , lovely64 and McLoverly!

    Same thoughts as lovely64, I got a pre loved Barenia Kelly, I adore it :smile:

    1feb11 kelly.JPG
  4. Wow, soooooo beautiful! How lucky you are:biggrin:
  5. Congrats on these well loved beauties, IceEarl, McLoverly and lovely64!

    I, too, am a big fan of barenia. Natural barenia has the perfect hand feel and colour imho. Here is a pic of my barenia babies. My kelly has survived rain and teriyaki sauce with no stains. The leather managed to absorb everything after a few days.

  6. Thank you all for the nice comments about my Kelly... I certainly enjoy her :love:

    Iceearl, lovely64, and licensetocook you all have beautiful bags!
  7. ltc, I die every time I see your Barenia babies!!!!! Gorgeous group!
  8. I absolutely adore your kelly.... is it a 28? or mini?

  9. Gorgeous... never considered barenia before... now it's on my PO/SO list

  10. I have a 15 year old VN Barenia and would like to add that the handles do darken on her. She is caramel color right now but her handles are considerably darker. Also the corners can become dirty and are hard to clean. Just think of an aging LV Monogram bag and it's dirty trim - that's the look.

    I treat her with Hermes saddle baume every few months or so to keep the leather moisturized. The other day I mistakenly placed it in a puddle of water (don't ask). The corners/bottom were soaked all the way through when I noticed it. I thought for sure the water stains would remain there but, nope, they dried and are gone. Like it never happened!

    I have my pristine perfect H bags but this is not one of them! There is an elegance to a well worn, loved and broken in Birkin bag - like the old saddles they constantly refurbish. Love it!
  11. Awesome,no water stains... this is because you have taken good care of it and conditioned it well:smile: My older vache natural Bags have gotten to a point when they no longer get water spots and scratches can be rubbed out with a dry finger.
  12. Great thread Doc, thanks for once again sharing your knowledge with us!
  13. I too prefer Barenia, but VN is really tempting for the fact it will change so much with time...
  14. Hi docride, thank you so much for posting this, it comes at a timely moment as I am considering buying a 50cm HAC I just saw at the NY store.
    I was put off by the pale color (being a guy) but seeing what the patina does to it makes me want to get it...
    I am going to check out your thread right now!

  15. I think (the key word here) that Vache Naturel is head and shoulders above barenia, particularly for a structured elegant tote. The paleness and creaminess give it a far more refined look. Further: barenia is so orangey brown that I find it too limiting whereas VN can go sporty to business. I LOVE vache naturel.:smile: