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  1. So I got two new bags and I thought I would share.

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  2. Gorgeous bags! I really love the stitching on the white one. Congrats!
  3. Beautiful!! You are going to love the black one, I have one like that only it is signature and it fits so perfect on the shoulder!! I love the look of that white one.. wow good picks!! :tup:
  4. Thanks! They were both outlet purchases. The white bag was marked down so much I had to buy it.
  5. Can I ask what outlet? I love that white one! Do you mind if I ask how much it was?? TIA!
  6. St. Augustine. The white bag was $279 +20% off. The tag says legacy vintage hobo. The style number is 10554. Hope that helps. For some reason it comes up as hamptons on ebay.
  7. Wow. Well I am heading through the Vegas outlets and to the carlsbad, ca outlet next week.. wish me luck!! You did great!!
  8. You should be really glad you didn't go this weekend. That store was packed out. I got a small black soho that was marked down to 79 +20% off. Things were getting hectic.
  9. Oooh great bags.... you will LOVE the black one, i have one just like it the saddle color(mine is the large one, i can't tell by your picture what size your's is) but i just love it, it has so many pockets to store stuff in, and it holds alot but it doesn't look full!
  10. Both are very lovely. :biggrin:
  11. I have the smaller version of that black soho flap and the black soho tote - LOVE the soho line!
    Nice buys!! Very classic bags!
  12. Very pretty...Congrats!
  13. Thanks! They had the white hippie marked down as well. Also, the hamptons totes were 30% off.
  14. You must be really happy that you snagged two such gorgeous bags! Congrats!! :tup:
  15. Def. But they always have tons of the Soho bags in St. Augustine. I just decided to finally buy a black bag, I have lots of crazy handbags and none that look remotely reasonable so I bit the bullet, I needed a black bag.