Two new styles not yet released....anyone interested in taking a look???? :-)

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  1. I have just run across these two bags in my searches in the past few days, and thought I should post them. I think these will be two of the new bags that will be released in the next month or two. Since Coach doesn't have the NEW Catalogue up online, as they ALWAYS HAVE in the past - which is just bizarre!!! - I can't know that for sure. But that is apparently what these two sellers are saying. And I have seen the bottom one personally in The Red Book. I think I might even remember seeing the top one, but I am not sure enough to say yes.

    I just thought you might be interested....

    eBay: NWT COACH HAMPTONS 2006 HOLIDAY PATCHWORK TOTE 10234 (item 150029908267 end time Sep-15-06 18:30:00 PDT)

    eBay: NWT COACH Legacy Suede Signature Slim Flap BROWN 10364 (item 180023630147 end time Sep-09-06 10:42:20 PDT)
  2. How do they get bags before they come out?
  3. Very nice! I wonder what the Legacy Suede bag retails for...
  4. the suede one is cute..but i really don't like that patchwork...
  5. People that have business accounts can order up to 2 months early, from what I have been told.

    Now don't ask me what a business account means. The person I know that has one is a Personal Shopper, and she pays no sales tax. It is a legitimate business and she has to file LOTS of paperwork, as you can imagine.

    Other than that, I have no idea.....anyone else know??
  6. TOTALLY AGREE, Kallison.....

    I LOVE the suede one - especially that lining!!! But that patchwork does absolutely nothing for me. I did alot of studying of that bag, and I do believe it is authentic. But if someone could show me that it wasn't, I wouldn't be that surprised. I would just ask to be shown why, since I looked at every single detail and it looks 100% Coach to me!!!

    I can't believe they don't have the new catalogue out yet.....anyone been to a store recently to see if they have it there????

    I am going to my store on Thursday, but I would LOVE to see it before that if anyone has one.

    I would even pay $5 if someone has one and would be willing to scan it and send it to me or post the pictures somewhere.

    ANYONE?!?!?!?!??! I AM DYING HERE!!! I have lived my life for the past couple of years based on a 2 month cycle....waiting for the new catalogue to come out to see the new lines ;) And it is WELL past time :crybaby:
  7. I'll be in manhattan for the day I'm gonna check out the coach store in the time warner center and see if they have anything!
  8. Corundogs:

    The SA at my store (Charlotte, NC) said they don't expect to have a new catalog until mid-Sept. I don't know if thats based on location (i.e. certain parts of the country might get them first?) or what, but she did say this is the longest that they have been without a current catalog.


    I was in NYC 2 weeks ago and I didn't make it to the Coach in Time Warner Center, but I did hit the one near Rockefellar and the one on Madison(?). Anyway, the one I think was on Madison (its at the corner not far from LV and Dior, if that helps) had the croc bags that most stores will not get, the SA said. The one I want is small, a little larger than demi sized and came in 2 colors. It was $4500 and to DIE FOR! I just stood there and ran my fingers over it b/c it was so beautiful! Please, please, please go visit it for me! :smile: That bag will be my first purchase if I ever win PowerBall!!:yahoo:
  9. Nice! I like them both!
  10. Shelbell - do you mean any of these new bags or a catalogue?!??!

    I AM SO JEALOUS YOU WILL BE IN NYC awesome to be able to live close enough to just "drop in" :drool: :love:

    Do you go to the 595 Madison Avenue store???

    That is my dream - to someday be able to go to that store :yes: :excl: :yes:

    If you are looking for new handbags or whatever - would you consider looking for a catalogue for ME?!?!? I would buy it from you, and pay you to scan it for me before you mail it, too!!!!
  11. Thanks Jenniferelaine!
  12. BOTH!!!! This will only be my 2nd time in NYC ever...and my first day trip since moving to PA. I'm not sure the girl I'm traveling with is as into purses as I'm trying not to make her go to ALL the coach stores which is what I would do!!! I don't remember where the 2 stores I went to were the last time I was there...but I figured if I only go to one, most of the girls on a thread about NYC coach a while back suggested the Time Warner one.

    Its probably too early for catalogs still...but I'll definitely keep an eye out.
  13. Yes, Jennifer - that Madison store you were in is the 595 Madison "Pentacle" store. It isn't called a Flagship by the girls at my store - they are the Houston area Flagship.....they called it the Pentacle store. Not sure if that is the correct spelling or not. That is the kind of information I acquire sitting in the back on the shoe area stools - for 4 hours on a Friday night, waiting for traffic to die down :lol:

    Like I said - that is my DREAM to someday visit there....I can't believe you girls just "stop by" during your day

    I am the big green envious monster right now
    :greengrin: :greengrin: :greengrin: :greengrin: :greengrin:

    They have sooooooo many things that no other stores will ever get - all the time!!!!

    When the jewelry comes out, I may need one of you to "make a visit" for me to see if they have things I can't get. And when the fragrance comes out as well. If we are only able to get say the bottle of fragrance but the Madison store has lotion, powder and bath gel....that is something I would really want to know!!!!

    Is that something maybe one of you might be willing to do if and when the time comes?!?!? For a fee, of course :yes:
  14. Shelbel:

    You'll have to let us know how the Time Warner store is. That was my thread that you probably saw several weeks ago asking about the NYC store. I wanted to make sure I saw everything there was to see at Coach in the "Fashion Capital of the World" :smile: . I also heard from a waitress that we had in NYC that the Time Warner one is great! Thats coming from a local!


    That store is worth seeing! I was impressed and we have a decent store here (which carries shoes and watches). This store was 2 stories and had all the latest and greatest! I wandered around in it for like, 45 minutes just to make sure I hadn't missed anything, most of it was stuff they don't have in Charlotte. I don't mean to rub your nose in what you're not seeing :smile: , I just know I'm always eager for details when I'm really into something or really wanting to go somewhere!
  15. OH, Jennifer - you are NOT rubbing my nose in it at all!!!!!!!!

    PLEASE DO NOT EVER FEEL THAT WAY, at least with me!!!

    I am not sure if you have picked up on it yet, but I LIKE DETAILS ;) :yes: :roflmfao: :yes: ;)

    If and when you ever go back, turn on your "Photographic Memory" and I expect a full report from the smell walking in to the lights you see walking out.....ROFLMAO!!!

    OK, you know I am kidding, right?!?!? But serious about wanting as much detail as you are willing to offer - I can live vicariously through you and that is good enough for me.....for now :smile: I won't let my dream die, I am only 37.....but details whenever you are willing to share until I get there myself will help me survive :flowers: