Two New Scarves and Playtime =)

  1. Went to H today to take in my HAC to have the PH changed. I was one of the unlucky few that have had their PH form a strange, dark tarnish. Anyway, my HAC is off for lord knows how long so I had to console myself with a new scarf and a wooden scarf ring.

    Simple but I love it - VIF Argent:

    I also took out my Les Jardins D'Armenie scarf. I like this colorway for summer. I am awaiting the arrival of this same scarf in the fuschia colorway. I love these scarves because both DH and I are Armenian and the intricate design is very indicative of the Armenian art we have displayed in our home.
    I am thinking of displaying the fuschia scarf somehow (frame maybe?) - if anyone has any ideas, I'd love to hear them!

    (Pay no attention to the pregnant-lady-at-home-just-got-back-from-walking-all-over-downtown-and-need-to-be-comfortable attire!)
  2. Gorgeous AuthenticLux - I love those scarves on you. Very chic.
  3. Beautiful scarves, and even more beautiful model! You look great with them. Les Jardins d'Armenie is one of my favorites...especially in the Fuschia colorway!
  4. ^^^Do you wear your scarf like this on a regular basis? I love this look, but the scarf slides off my head all the time. The only time I can do it is when there's a bun to anchor my scarf.
  5. I wear my hair in a sort of "mini bun". Think half-up/half down hair style and I anchor the knot on the mini bun. My hair is very straight so if I don't do that, I have the same issue with the scarf sliding off.
  6. Gorgeous!!
  7. Fabulous looks!!!!! I'd LOVE to wear my scarves like that but my hair sticks out at the sides and I tend to look like Bozo the Clown!!!!
  8. Guess who's going to be copying you tomorrow?
  9. Lovely looks AL. Everytime I attempt the headwrap though, my DH always calls me a "pirate". :rolleyes:
  10. You look beautiful! Love the scarves, too!

  11. HG - Baggs once reccomended Hollywood tape to stick my twillys to my hair and it works treat a on big scarves too :smile:
  12. LOL! Well, DH calls me Steven Van Zandt every time I wear my scarves like this.
    I have no idea what he is going to do with himself now that the Sopranos is over...
  13. ^^ Ha, love the picture.
    Gorgeous scarf choices.
    Hope your HAC returns quickly - did you take before pictures??
    Like Baggs idea; I'll have to get some Hollywood Tape.
  14. Gorgeous scarves and I love how you wear them, you look beautiful. I wish I could wear them like that but I've got Shopmoms problem, lol.
  15. Oy! I'm kind of worried that it'll take my hair with it.