Two new pair of Robert Clergerie Shoes *pics*

  1. I love RC shoes. So comfy and functional. And since I'm a shorty I can always use the height.

    Here are two pair I picked out for summer and a Bottega Veneta Tote to go with:
  2. Those are cute!!
  3. Congrats! They look comfy!
  4. omg, my mom would love these! you must be sole sisters.
  5. Love the shoes !!!!
  6. I'm loving the brown wedges! They don't look like Frankenstein shoes, which IMO a lot of R. Clergerie shoes do, since they usually have such a thick platform in the front. Wonder if they're still available in my size...
  7. They should be available in your size - I just got them. I'll check the style name. They are totally comfy. I actually really like RC shoes. I do not like his ESPACE line but the couture line is great.
  8. LOVE the brown wedges!!! So cute!!
  9. Both look super comfortable!
  10. I got the wedges in red at NM. Love them!
  11. I had the red ones picked out first but then when I saw this bag I switched! I actually have a pair of red Tod's wedges so I have the red summer sandal thing covered.

    I loved them in red!!

    For those who want to know the style and price:

    Brown are called Casabox and are $425
    Black are called Cerrick and are $450