Two “new” oldies! Plisse and Pyramid

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  1. Just got the pyramid a week ago! The plisse veneta arrived today. Opinions on plisse please, should I keep it? I didn’t realize both bags would be about the same size! E856D49C-D625-439D-B4FC-B7CF93C3C7D1.jpeg
  2. Depends on your wardrobe and style, the plisse would look terrific with simple black clothing, denim too with a white tee.
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  3. Two very different bags and both worth keeping IMO.
  4. Ooh, the Veneta! What a color!!
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  5. Keep both of them! :smile:
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  6. Both are keepers! Different styles and colors. Both beautiful!
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  7. Definitely keep both, if you love each one. They are Different styles and colors, and are both so beautiful and versatile :heart:
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  8. another vote for keeping both! :yes:
    Plisse is beyond words beautiful :loveeyes:
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  9. Thank you all! ❤️
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