Two new (old) bags and a photo shoot

  1. For theose who remember I was complaining about the lack of metallic silver/pewter in this years Bbags colors, well my BRAND NEW 05 pewter arrived today! I don't think this bag has seen the outside of it's dustbag yet. Thanks CeeJay!

    And another wonderful PFer sent me her 03 blue. I think it is a bit lighter than it photo'd. I find the 03 "colors" more neutral than most of the other years. And I have a special interest in silver/pewter hardware so now I have six bbags in that range.

    So in the following pics you'll see my pewter, which is terribly hard to photograph, my 03 lilac, caramel, and blue. My 04 dark turquoise, black city (with the best leather ever!).
    pewterhangin.jpg pewterfront.jpg three03s.jpg two03s.jpg bluesx2.jpg
  2. the pewter is gorgeous!! it's definitely on my list of things to buy :biggrin: congrats!!
  3. Your Bbag collection is AMAZING!!!:nuts: I can't say enough about it!
  4. And the rest of the pics. The blue 03 is very like a "worn in denim" color. It is actually way nicer irl than pictured.
    And now, once again I have two many bags <sigh>. Oh well, I've decided to just enjoy.
    bluesx2close.jpg bluesx2front.jpg black04.jpg
  5. You have a beautiful collection congrats on your new bag!!!
  6. You have the best collection!!!!!! I love all your bags!!!!!! I love silver hardware too!!!!!!!
  7. Thanks ladies. Next on my list, a yellow make up or clutch from the 07 Summer/Fall (?) collection.

    The pewter is almost too new though. I prefer others to break my bags in, so they have that nice slouch. I will have to be a little hard on it at first lol.
  8. Gorgeous!!!:nuts:
    I :heart: your collection many rare and beautiful bags...
  9. BEAUTIFUL collection!:heart::heart:
  10. I nearly fainted... 03 lilac and 03 blue... these are *dream* bags for me!!! congrats on your new pewter, sunspark!!!
  11. ^^ yummy leather sunspark!!! :drool:
  12. [​IMG]

    I WANT THAT CARAMEL!!!!!!!! :crybaby:
  13. Your bags are GORGEOUS!! I :heart: the dark turquoise and love, love the pewter hardware!!!
  14. I love your Lilac and Pewter.:yes: Congrats :yahoo: all gorgeous. :drool:
  15. Beautiful collection!!! I love your pewter!