Two New Noir

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  1. My two new purchases are the black GST and the black patent jumbo flap! These will replace the navy caviar flap, black caviar flap and a vintage black patent Chanel speedy in my collection. I think I'll use these 2 way more than those 3 which have just sat in my closet. Just when I think there is nothing else I could want to buy in Chanel considering how big my collection is now something else catches my eye!

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  2. Loved the patent!!!!!

    Wear in good health!
  3. gorgeous, congrats on 2 great bags!
  4. enjoy those bags! congrats!
  5. Very nice! :tup: Both are such great bags, but that patent is something else, I love it :love:
  6. Thanks all! I tend to use the jumbos for dressier occasions and the patent is just more suited for that than the caviar. Also when I do need a more casual or everyday black Chanel the black modern chain covers that need for me. And the GST is versatile enough for all uses but roomier.
  7. Great choices!!!!!
  8. Beautiful bags, enjoy!
  9. i have the jumbo patent flap too but in navy and i love her! i'm a sucker for patent, it's so glossy and versatile, yet the least difficult to maintain :graucho: enjoy your bags!
  10. Congrats! They are both fabulous!
  11. excellent choices!
  12. love those bags! great choices!
  13. Lovely- love the patent leather!!!
  14. Très magnifique! Congrats on your gorgeous bags and enjoy them!
  15. Beautiful bags..congrats