Two new MK bags

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  1. Picked both of these up this weekend. The Greenwich was on sale for $209 CAD, the large Sloan was full price at $328 CAD.


    And with Coach accessories..


    With GUCCI Blooms wallet

  2. Beautiful! Where did you grab the bucket bag? I can't find them in store anywhere.
  3. Congrats they are all beautiful!! Love the wallets too.
  4. Both are very nice. Love your Sloan. Such a pretty color! Congratulations.

  5. I'm in Canada and found it at my local MK store.
  6. Beautiful! I love how well the Gucci wallet matches the Sloan!

    And I hope you love the Greenwich, I have this in saffiano in optic white and it has quickly become a favorite :biggrin:
  7. Absolutely love your Sloan and the Gucci wallet, is this the most recent coral color to come out?
  8. That Sloan is TDF- love the color! Your Gucci wallet matches perfectly!
    Twins on the Greenwich! I love that it is allllll suede :biggrin:
  9. Wow you have great taste. Love them all especially that bucket bag!

  10. Yes totally in love with it, it's adorable!

    Yes it's called Pink Grapefruit.

    I was a bit scared of the suede at first but hopefully it will be Ok. Did you spray/protect yours? I have Apple Guard and am wondering if I should use that.

    AWWWW thanks. These 2 were love at first sight.

  11. I think it's the same color as the beauties in your avatar - are they Pink Grapefruit? I love that it's coral but softer than some neon corals out there.

  12. I sprayed it with Apple Guard & it soaked in without a trace. I haven't been able to carry it yet due to the crazy weather!
  13. Beautiful congrats