Two New Hermes Little Boxes,and A Bag That Came From The Spa

  1. Hi every one, Happy New Year!
    Mine started very happy, celebrating with husband, parents and friends in Paris.
    I haven't been there for 7 years so i was so excited, and.... yes of course i went to Hermes store in Fb. St. Honoré.
    I bought my first H bracelet: red leather, 4 turns and palladium H.
    And my husband offered me for Christmas my first H leather belt: bruised palladium H and togo gold/ box black leather.
    I'm so happy ! I don't have any pictures yet, i will send a in action picture went i can make it.
    And for the holidays in Paris I took my grey birkin, just came back from the spa.
    Want to take a look?
  2. the bag was second handed but looked new, but the owner smoke cigars ( i hate that smell...:s) so i wanted hermes artisans to takie that odour away...
    They sent it back in a new box , which i hadn't from the seller...
  3. Oh, I love spa stories! So this visit was jut to desmell it?
  4. Oh yes my hole closet smelled like cigars...
  5. Let's see her! and specs...which gray? size? leather? hw? :tup:
  6. :pnow it smells very slightly, and i puted a cotton pad scented with my perfume and sprayed the bag with it too, so it mostly smelts of Narciso Rodriguez for her!!
  7. a grey Birkin? Is it graphite? I LOVE graphite...
  8. I think we have the exact same taste in colors...raisin and graphite are my favs too!
  9. ohh you know her already, i posted a pic when i just got it... but here we go!
    30 cm, palladium, veau grain lisse ( rigid and bright, but they dont make it anymore). It reminds a little to epson i'd say. grey but don't know the official name for that shade.
    And they made new the clochette. Not the part that covers the keys, but the rest, the starp?? . Sorry don't know the name in english...
  10. here she is now...
  11. Oh I love it!!!
  12. Oh yes, It is just gorgeous!!!!!!!!
  13. here before the spa
  14. Claravi that is a beautiful bag! I love the texture of the leather and grey is one of my favorite colors to wear. Glad H was able to get the cigar smell out for you- my BF loves cigars so I know how strong the smell can be, yuck.
  15. Your bag looks brand new!