two new goodies to make up for lost time...

  1. Hi everyone, long time no chat! Life got in the way and I've been away from the board for a while. Not only that, but I haven't been in a BV boutique in ages either. So I decided to play catch up yesterday and picked up a new wallet. As I did that, I dared ask the question I had given up on - is ottone coming back? I couldn't believe my ears when she said she could get one for me for the next day. So I picked my new bag up today and am soooo happy. It was a choice between the ottone sloane or cabat, but I prefer the sloane for my lifestyle. I just hope the wide handle will prove to be comfy.

    Syma, I just saw your thread as well, the bag looks fab on you. Maybe we'll bump into each other on Sloane St, wearing our twin sloane bags! Let's work on a secret greeting!

    Thanks for reading everyone, feels good to be back x
    IMG00543[1].jpg IMG00547[1].jpg IMG00550[1].jpg
  2. Beautiful! Love the color.
  3. Ebru, I was seriously worried we wouldn`t see you around again! Glad that you`re back and tha you could snap such a beauty in the meantime!

    Welcome back and congrats!

  4. Ahhhh, thanks sweetie, it's good to be remembered xoxo
  5. hooray ebruo! welcome back! :yahoo:

    I've been wondering about you...glad to have you back and with those lovely goodies too!

    the sloane looks terrific, congrats!

    what about some action pics? :nuts:
  6. I already knew I loved the ottone Sloane - and now I love the oceano wallet too! I have a nero zip-around on the way and can't wait... although the blue is soooo beautiful too.
  7. ebruo - I am new to the BV forum and we haven't *met*, but WELCOME BACK anyway! Your new acquisitions are beautiful, enjoy them in good health.
  8. Those are both just beautiful . . . WOW!! Love the colors :drool: enjoy those new additions, and thanks for sharing!
  9. Welcome back! Your Ottone Sloane is stunning! Did you get to see the new Ossidato Cabat at the boutique?
  10. Great to see you back, ebruo! And come back with a bang you did! The coveted ottone sloane is stunning, and your pictures show off the subtle shine to perfection.
  11. Gorgeous Sloane! :drool: Congrats, ebruo!
  12. wow, another ottone sloane! simply divine
  13. They are gorgeous! I am starting to love the ottone sloane :love:

    Congratulations on your fantastic buy!
  14. Love, love, love the Sloane Eburo, hey we're bag twins! Where did you get yours from, Bond Street or Sloane??? I really hope I bump into you one of these days, I'm quite on my lonesome being a UKer on the BV Forum! Many congrats on the wallet too, both of the items are TDF.:yahoo::yahoo:
  15. Wow! Gorgeous sloane!! Love the colour ottone!