Two New Goodies - I'm in Love!

  1. First - the Mini Monogram Josephine in the TST Khaki that I got from Rebeccalou on ebay - it truly is in brand new condition - just gorgeous!:love:
  2. Next - what I've been waiting for since June when it was first supposed to come out. Then July 1, then August 1 and finally September 1! Went today to pick her up - I absolutely am crazy :yahoo: about this bag - the new Bosphore Messenger PM - the most perfect messenger ever!
    bos1.jpg bos2.jpg
  3. Congrats - I love the josephine !
  4. Ooooo... nice choices! I have the Josie too and it's TDF! Great messenger! Congrats on the purchases - nice way to start the weekend!
  5. LOVE IT!!! Ever since I saw this bag on JoJo in the visual aids thread, I LOVE the way it looks on!!!:love: CONGRATS!!!:yahoo:And the messenger is TO DIE FOR!!!
  6. Congrats Lori! Love them both!! :yahoo:
  7. The Josephine is gorgeous! CONGRATS! :yahoo:
  8. Congrats! They're both great!
  9. thanks everyone - now comes the problem............. how do I wear both at once :roflmfao:
  10. I love them both!!! congrats on the great deal on the mini mono josephine!
  11. I really don't think you should mix mono canvas and mini mono... LOL

    Congrats!! They are both great bags! :yahoo:
  12. you think they would clash??? darn it! :rolleyes:
  13. Great purchases:smile:
  14. Love the new messenger bag. It is the perfect width.
  15. :nuts: Congrats!!! Love the new Bosphore..saw it last week and it's the perfect size..Enjoy them!