Two New Bracelets!

  1. I got the juicy couture bracelet at the Bleecker St store in NYC in the beginning of August. Initially, I was looking for charm bracelets, but didn't fall in love with the gold ones and unfortunately they don't carry silver charms to go with silver bracelets. However, I found this little cute thing, and it doesn't look chunky on my small wrist like the heavy charm bracelets do. It's a new style according to the SA :wlae:


    And I love, love this bracelet made from vintage typewriter keys. Got it from etsy a couple of days ago. Very very unique :tup:

  2. nice bracelets
  3. Cute choices! I love Juicy jewelry. I have way too many of their bracelets and charms.
  4. What I love most about your choices is that they are can get lots of use out of them! Have fun!
  5. Aww.. I love the typewriter bracelet, how cute !
  6. Those are both super cute! Congrats!
  7. very cute. congrats!
  8. Very nice..congrats!
  9. Love them both! Congrats!
  10. Thanks girls :smile:
  11. I got a necklace from the same lady that sells those bracelets off etsy...I love her jewlery! Great bracelets, both of them!
  12. Cute! Love that Juicy bracelet, it looks so delicate!

    And that vintage bracelet is just TDF...I love vintage looking pieces.
  13. I really like the Juicy brac. Looks adoreable on you! :tup:
  14. They're both so cute and fun! I hope you're enjoying them :smile:
  15. the second one is wayyy cool!! congrats and enjoy!! :smile: