Two new bags

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  1. So after searching for months for new bags, I finally found not one, but two!

    In searching for birthday gifts for the boyfriend I walked through lord and taylor and of course I had to check out the bags. Especially the sale ones.

    Well I found this elliot lucca in black patent for around 20-255 off.

    Was always scared of patent but the texture breaks it up. I was also looking for a black bag. It's a little dressy and smaller than usual, but i like it.

    Today I was in Nordstrom's and once again had to check out the bags. I found a brown lockheart rebecca for 50% off. I'm not a brown person, but I have been admiring these bags.

    Once I picked it up and carried it around a bit I fell in love. I wear more black than brown and am thinking that this bag goes ok with black. What do you guys think?
  2. Hi,
    I really like the Lockheart, I'm a fan of the kisslock!
  3. both bags are great, but that lockheart... woah totally great.
  4. Lockheart is great, I love kiss locks! Elliot Luca--didn't know til I clicked the link--very cool--you did good.

    Lucky you on your great deals--being Saturday night, I will toast your great deals!! Salut!!
  5. I've always loved Lockheart! Excellent choice.
  6. Mmmm...that Lockheart is TDF.Lucky you...
  7. Stunning bag! Congrats on the great deal, too!