Two new bags: red outdoor ligne flap and i-have-no-idea ligne speedy *pics*

  1. My SA sent me two new bags which I received today. One is the e/w flap in RED in my favorite ligne OUTDOOR!

    I have no idea what the other one is but I really like it. The leather is very similar to my MC tote from 2006. It is somewhat distressed but is not the same as the Outdoor Ligne caviar. It also has a really cool zipper pull that looks like the one that was used on the Coco Cabas.

    If anyone can help me with the name I'd really appreciate it. Until then I am calling it a Coco Speedy. I can hear Roey laughing already!

    Since it is a handheld bag I took a bunch of pics with my other speedy type bags - with my new PUPPY! Maybe I should've called her Speedy!!

    And also some new Chanel earrings.

  2. FYI pictured top to bottom, left to right:

    New Chanel Coco Cabas Speedy
    INK Balenciaga Hook Bag in the smaller size - Black Chanel Speedy
    LV red epi speedy 25 - LV Mirage speedy

  3. Notice how scratched this bag looks. Obviously it was stored without the chain being wrapped. With a tiny bit of TLC - just plain rubbing or using a leather conditioner- this bag will look brand spankin' new. I'll post before/after pics as soon as I clean her up.

  4. [​IMG][​IMG]

    Had to squeeze in my new D&G belt too. Sorry Chanel.

  5. OMG Maxter, YOUR PUPPY!!!!! :love: She is sooo pretty and I literally "awww"d when I saw the pic! LOVE HER!

    oh and the bags come in a close second but your dog..... AWW!!
  6. ohhh and those earrings are pretty! do you mind if i ask if they were on sale? i have the necklace and would love the earrings!

    love the animal print too!
  7. Love the bags :tup:, but I really love the earrings :yes:, so cute! And that pup, she's a doll face, I love her eyes :love:
  8. ITA w/Jen!! Your bags are gorgeous but I love your doggie even more!!! Awww!!! I think your Coco Speedy is the called the round bowler or something. I think it's from last fall. Congrats on your beauties. I want your puppy!!!
  9. Hi Jen, I got them a month or so ago when NM had a $100 off shoes if you buy an accessory. They were $495 (ouch) but oh so cute!

    I've GOT to see your necklace! Did you post a new thread or is it in the accessory reference sub-forum.
  10. congrats on your beautiful bags! your puppy is the cutest!
  11. No way - she is a keeper! LOL My best puppy yet - I can't wait to train her and enter her in obedience. Her parents are both OTCH dogs.

    And she is now officially getting along with my older yellow lab. The ***** fighting has ended (LOL) and they were even sleeping on the same dog bed today! Hurray!!
  12. BTW, her name is Pika. We named it after a ski run that we go on when we ski in Lake Louise every year. I looked it up and it is like a Canadian Mouse/Rabbit.

    But lately we just call her Peeks. And she comes a running. Today she was enjoying the foot of snow on the ground!

  13. LOVE your purchases!...and I WANT your pup!LOL!
  14. very nice earrings
  15. Love it all, especially that chanel bowler/speedy bag!!:nuts: That's on my wish list now!!
    And your pup is wayyyy too CUTE!!!!