Two new bags- '06 lilac and '06 black firsts... But don't know if I should keep both?

  1. HI ladies,
    Well, I got two new bags in the mail today, a '06 lilac first and a '06 black first!!!
    I got a good price for both, so it was basically a done deal, but after examining the lilac first, I did notice something strange with the shoulder handle.

    The shoulder pad(?) is two completely different finishes. Half of it is light and smooth and the other half is veiny, cracked and much darker. I am going to post pictures so you guys can see.
    This area is on the underside of the strap, so if I wear it, you won't be able to see it, but it is obviously there and I know it's there... I don't know, should I keep it??
    The seller told me even before she mailed it out that if for some reason I am not happy, she will gladly take it back, so I have no problem there, just don't know if I should keep it or not.

    Here are the pictures..
    old pictures 911.jpg old pictures 912.jpg old pictures 913.jpg old pictures 916.jpg old pictures 915.jpg
  2. Hey butterfly! I have a 06 lilac city and it's VERY veiny and looks like it's about to crack but I LOVE it - it just makes the leather look SO unique and adds a lot of character to it. Your lilac is a lot smooshier than mine so if that's what you like in your bbag then it's DEFINITELY a keeper as 06 lilac is quite hard to come by and OH-SO GORGEOUS! I've also seen some PFers' handbags with veiny leather on one side and smooshy leather on the other so I don't think it's a fault - just appreciate it and learn to love it - your bag is lovely! :love:
  3. Here are two more pictures. You can see that the other side is smooth as well, it almost looks as if someone added extra paint to this area or something.
    old pictures 930.jpg old pictures 931.jpg old pictures 932.jpg
  4. It looks okay. Maybe it needs to be treated alittle bit with LMB?? Since it is on the underside of the strap noone else will see it, but if it really bothers you send it back. I understand your concerns!! Another lilac bag will pop up for you!!
  5. That IS weird--I could see it if it were on different sides of the strap, but the same side? Either way though it doesn't really take away from your gorgeous bag--I'd keep it!!:graucho:
  6. The Lilac is beautiful.. perhaps you could treat it with some conditioner? IMO think you should keep the Lilac since that is the only flaw.. But if it bothers you, send it back.. Congrats on your new bag (s) :yahoo: :yahoo:
  7. i'd keep it. i'm not fussy, so little things don't mind me so much.
    but it's up to u :p are u going to be able to live it or not.
  8. butterfly i would keep both bags, plus it was a great deal! Even if you want to return it, maybe the seller will allow it(???) maybe?? I know the seller and she's a sweet girl! anyways, I say keep them both! The leather on the black's great!
  9. Butterfly 17: I would keep it because it's a good deal....If it's only on the underside of the shoulder strap, who is going to see it? :graucho: or know it ....(except you). ;) It doesn't take away the beauty of that bag. It would bother me if it's not on the underside of the shoulder strap though; I would return it in that case. Plus, I think it's just a characteristic of bbag......the leather is different in each bag. :yes: Keep that gorgeous bag! ;)
  10. Thanks guys!! I actually just used the apple conditioner on it and then I wrung the life out of it. With lots of love of course!!!:love:

    It is not shiny and cracked any more, but the color is still much darker.

    Here are before and after pictures!!
    old pictures 913.jpg Lilac BBag shoulder strap 001.jpg Lilac BBag shoulder strap 003.jpg
  11. Wow that is much better after you treated it. The leather is so varied anyway - its hardly noticeable.

    BUT what I think happened was the that part of the shoulder strap got set down in some kind of liquid. Not water since it wouldn't turn it dark - I'd say maybe some kind of grease or perhaps a spilled red wine.

    Still is beautiful. I hope you got it less than retail?
  12. hi. small world, butterfly 17! i'm the seller for these bags. :yes: i wrote you back, by the way!

    i didn't want to "come out" and talk about my auctions and bump the thread up when some nice PFer posted the auctions in achtung, because i didn't want my auctions to benefit in any way yet for being a PFer. i felt i'm still wayyyy too new and i haven't yet gained you lovely ladies' trust and friendship to take advantage of being a PFer. i feel almost like, as a newbie, i didn't earn the right to advertise my PF membership yet. hehe.:p
    but i just want to post on here, because i just wanted to let everyone know that the lilac shoulder strap has NOT had anything spilled on it or is damaged or anything horrid like that! the bag is BNWT and exactly the same way i received it. i would NEVER advertise a bag as new, if it has been used even once... i can honestly say that whatever you're seeing is variation in baleciaga leather. i notice some of these bags have completely different color saturation and leather texture, even on the same side/patch of the bag sometimes! this lilac is actually one the most evenly textured, soft and gorgeous bags i've seen... and butterfly17, the pictures you posted to seem to have very high contrast, and the dark part seems to appear darker than it really is. notice that on picture 4, the top of the bag looks all dark, too, when it really isn't...
    anyway, i'm not posting here to cause controversy or problems. :yes: i just didn't want anyone thinking there was something "wrong" with the straps or there was anything spilled on there. *gasp* hahaha.
    and i did state that all sales are final, and i do wish you hadn't treated the bag with anything, before checking with me first... but i will take it back. i don't feel comfortable and it's going to bother me forever if i know that the buyer isn't 100% happy with the purchase. i've bought more on eBay than sold, so i totally know the feeling of when something about a bag bothers me. and i'm not in a hurry to sell these off yet, so i think i'll just keep it for myself.
    thanks for letting me explain! :yes:

    oh, and i hope to be posting more and hope to get to know you ladies better!!

  13. oh, is this "S" who wrote me with all those great tips and advice??? if you are, well, HI~~~~ :yes: i guess i'm not surprised that everyone is on here! i met in person another PFer today (she bought my lilac planet and we met in person to do the transaction) and chatted with her in my car. she was sooo sweet and nice! it was so much fun!
  14. Hi Butterfly 17! I have an 06 lilac too, and my shoulder pads have darkened to the same color as you posted up. But..for mine, it's darkened on both sides evenly (top & buttom). The handles have also darkened. So, the lilac do darken very easily, but i don't quite understand about your one-sided darkening tho..
    Don't know whether this helps, but thought i should participate anyhow..
  15. I would send back the Lilac.