Two mystery bags...Kenneth Cole and Francisco??

  1. I was down in Chicago this past weekend and saw a couple bags that I liked but now can't find! I live in the middle of nowhere (about 5 hours north of Chicago and 3 hours east of Minneapolis) and have NO shopping, but I figured I'd be able to find them online so I didn't buy them. Now I can't remember enough to find them!!

    One was either at Neiman Marcus or at Nordstroms and I think it was Francisco something?? There were only 3 on display, all patent leather. There was black, white, and chocolate brown. I am interested in the white (it had silver hardware) and it was small, roundish and sort of slouchy. I think it was about $300.

    The Kenneth Cole one was at the KC store, and I thought it was called a Passing Thru Bucket, but I must have gotten it mixed up because on the KC Web site, the one listed as that is not what I wanted, though it is the same color navy blue. It was more an under armpit cinch top type bag with silver hardware rings around the top...again, I think it was about $300.

    Does anyone have any idea what these might be or where I can find them for sale online? Also, I am new to the whole handbag addiction thing...I haven't ventured much past the $300 range yet, but once I get my promotion in January, I am sure I will!!
  2. Not sure about the Francisco Biasia (which I imagine the first one is), but are you maybe talking about the Kenneth Cole "hole hearted" bag? I seem to remember seeing a few on Bluefly not too long ago. It's worth a check, they usually have a good selection of KC bags.
    (Yes, I realize Bluefly is blacklisted around here because of their Balenciaga screwup, but for KC they're perfectly reliable so I'm not going to deny a girl a lead in her search because they did something stupid that's pretty much unrelated.)

    Good luck!
  3. If you know that you definitely want the bags, give that Nordy's a call. They're great with shipping bags out to you for a nominal fee.
  4. It's actually Francesco Biasia.
  5. Kenneth Cole NY Passing thru bucket ebags.jpg
  6. Francesco Biasia Secret Love Large Hobo zappos.jpg
  7. You're all so sweet to help, but we're not there yet. I tracked down the Francesco Biasia (thanks for the help on the name)...apparently it is the Sweet Pea? Anyway, I found a pic of it in black on, but I am calling to get the white one sent to me.

    As for Kenneth Cole, none of the ones you guys suggested are it. I'm just going to have to call down there, too and find out what it is!!

    Thanks for the help!
  8. Thanks for the tip! I ordered it on Zappos!

    Now I just have to remember to call the KC store to try and track down the other one!