Two *must* sizes for Birkins!

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  1. Hello ladies! I'm about to embark into the Birkin world myself and am not sure what I want to add to my current collection of bags. I'm 5'4", 110 pounds or so. I have my eye on a 35 cm in black ostrich (I don't know all the H names for colors, sorry!) and am deciding which other size would suit me best. The 35 would be my workhorse -- and d'you think it's too flashy for carrying around and to work? I'm thinking maybe a white 25, it's just too cute! But I already have a white Chanel flap, would it be kind of redundant? Should I go for a 30 instead? I did read all the threads madly debating whether a petite girl can pull off a 35, so I made a mockup out of paper and decided it didn't look too bad on me. :P Love to have your opinions!
  2. I have learnt that the 30 would be the perfect size as 35 can sometimes be abit heavy. You may be surprised the 30 can hold quite alot too ! Personally, I would go for 30 as my first birkie & 35 as my second ! =)
  3. If I should choose only two Birkins, I would definitely get the 35cm (probably the best bag in the world :P !) and either a 30cm or 32cm HAC. I carry quite a bit of stuff everyday, so 25cm would not work for me. It's a great bag for evening occasions, but 30cm is very practical for day / work use too!!!
  4. Noir Ostrich would be MAJOR! Ostrich is nice and subdued for an exotic and it's also lightweight and it wears well. I would say get a 30 also, not a 25, it would be too small. That way at least you can still carry stuff around with you. Petite girls look great with a 35, keep us all posted!
  5. I would probably for one Birkin and one Kelly but since you are asking for Birkin sizes I would go for a smaller ostrich or croc in 25 cm and 35cm in a workhorse leather
  6. 30 and 35 are the best sizes. 30 can fit a lot but doesn't look huge, while the 35 is great for travel and lugging a bunch of things w/ you. I have both, and that's all I need in sizes. Sometimes I think about getting a 45 but I know I'll only use it for travelling.
  7. I'm 5'3" and I've tried the 35cm first ... but then I changed to the 30cm and now this is my absolutely favorite size :tup:! The 35cm was a little bit too heavy - but the 30cm is just perfect for me :yes:! Good luck on finding 'your best' Birkin!
  8. Noir! Gotcha, thanks for enlightening me. Now, I have a bit of a dilemma. I only have the chance to buy a 30 in noir, red or light/sky blue (sorry for mangling colors!). However, the 35 is available in Noir Ostrich, deep blue and black crocodile (umph, a bit hazy on the exact exotic..) and regular leathers of tan, white and green. Would getting a 35 in noir ostrich and another 30 in noir be overkill? Methinks it would, but not sure what color 30 I'd get..
  9. Agree with the rest that the 2 sizes I'd probably choose are 35cm and 30cm. Frankly, the size difference is significant and a size 30cm is good enough to wear with dresses or for cocktails whilst a 35cm makes a good workhorse for travel or tote to work.

    Ostrich will be fab in a size 35cm because it is light but hardy.

    30cm in a Red or Blue Jean will be fun, chic yet versatile.
  10. I think 30 could go for day and night too. I use my black swift a lot for work and it holds a lot!
  11. The 35 is big - I tried a 30 and a 35 a couple of weeks ago, and there is quite a difference. Do you usually carry a lot of things with you?
  12. I would mostly use the 35 as a workhorse, so in that regard, yes. Papers, files, folders, etc. I'm looking at the 30 for more of a travel bag/regular bag.

    UGH. Question for you ladies. Would it be more practical to have an exotic 35 or exotic 30 considering my uses for them?
  13. Both great sizes. Very different. It's true a 35 can get heavy, but still I carry one all the time. Great for day.:yes:
    I love exotics in 30. very refined.....
  14. I think firstclass1 has summed this up well...I am 5'3 and forayed first into a 35 was soooooo heavy and too big for dressier occassions. when you spend this much you want versatility. i have chosen the 32HAC and find it perfect for my size. the handles are shorter and it doesn't cover my legs and hang down as far as the 35, but since it's taller than the 30cm, you can get quite alot in it, far more than a 30cm, and yet is still small enough to be polished for a lunch fundraiser "ladies who lunch" type of event....I may never get another birkin again and stick to HAC's....they jsut fit my frame...but it is too big for a cocktail party where a 25cm would be perfect. I think i am next going to get a jpg pochette or kelly longue as my evening bag though...

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  15. I am 5'3"-5'4" (But I usually say 5'4":graucho:) and 97 LB, but I much prefer 35cm Birkin than 30cm now...I prefer 35cm Birkin even in crocodile and ostrich. It's really personal choice and taste.

    Some reason, I feel Birkin 30cm is little small for my taste at the moment:P..