Two much MONEY!! help me choose...

  1. i got a tomato money a few weeks ago and didn't use it because i couldn't decide if i :heart: the color or not. today my bf surprised me with more money and in my favorite color!!! who would have thought it would be so hard to decide between the two.


    w/ flash


    w/o flash

    i think the tomato is a gorgeous color but the violet....violet is just violet :drool:
  2. hi "M"!!! i vote for the tomato! coz the violet wallet looks a bit dull IMO... just doesnt look the same w/o the SGH :p... tomato all the way! oh and what a sweet BF!
  3. I'm for Tomato as well!
  4. oops i forgot to post as poll thread...
  5. Although both are beautiful, I think that I prefer Tomato for the money wallet. But, if you haven't already used it, then perhaps Tomato isn't the color for you. Go with your instinct!
  6. addicted "C"- i agree that the violet looks stunning with sgh!!

    sammy- :smile: thanks for the vote on tomato!!

    mandb- the tomato does POP where as the violet is a bit more subtle.
  7. Both are about a violet bag with the tomato wallet??? Would be cool, imo! (Such a sweet bf you have, too.)
  8. Violet! I am always drawn to rich purples.
  9. i love the violet! the color is just so rich and gorgeous, and i think it would go really well with so many colors
  10. The Violet will probably wear better over the long haul. I have a Blueberry money wallet that has held up really well & still looks great. I saw someone post that their Rouge Vif money wallet showed darkening on the corners from wear. So, from that standpoint I think violet is the more practical choice.
  11. vote for both. :graucho: hehe...
  12. I love the violet, it is just gorgeous :nuts:
  13. I love red accessories.........I vote for tomato!
  14. Hey "M"~! I vote for the tomato~! It'll be a nice "POP" of color against your Violet SGH Work :yes:.... oR.... you could keep both..:graucho: & use your violet with your other bBags.. :p
  15. I love them both!!!! But I love red accessories too (my wallet's red) so there you go!